Mar 23: Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

March 2023 was a very special month for Freedom from Diabetes. This was the month when we crossed our 14000 diabetes reversals number. Making these many people free from diabetes medicines and insulin has been a proud moment for us.

This month too we witnessed many becoming free from the shackles of medicines and regaining their health.

Here are the top 10 successful participants from March 

1. Ravikumar Jegarkal

Mr. Ravikumar Jegarkal  | Age- 54 Years | Gulbarga, Karnataka | Businessman

He is a 54 years young businessman from Gulbarga, Karnataka. His journey with FFD is worth noting. He was diagnosed to be diabetic long back in 2003. Disease progressed, medicines increased and finally he was put on 38 units of insulin.

He also suffered from a non-healing wound in his great toe which was suggested to get amputated. Joining FFD turned out to be the game changer. He is not only free from insulin but FFD treatment has saved him from going into toe amputation by magically healing the wound.

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2. Nitu Singh Nahar

Ms. Nitu Singh Nahar | Age- 50 Years | Hong Kong | Teacher

She is a 50 years young teacher from Hong Kong who suffered from severe knee pain during a tour to China. She joined FFD to find a solution for her mother's diabetes and to save herself from all future health problems.  She is happy as her knee problem is completely resolved plus she got enriched with a lot of knowledge too.

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3. Brijendra Singh

Mr. Brijendra Singh | Age- 73 Years | Gurgaon | Army Veteran

He is an Army veteran from Gurgaon, Haryana. Over time, his condition deteriorated and he was put on 64 units of insulin.  He also needed to take medicine for hypertension and high cholesterol.  With FFD's help, his insulin is stopped and he is off BP medicines too.  The cherry on the cake is his cholesterol medicines have also reduced to 50%.

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4. Prikshit Raj Mehra

Mr. Prikshit Raj Mehra | Age- 72 Years | Delhi | Printing Business

He is a businessman from Delhi. He was a diabetic for 29 long years maintained on insulin and medicines. He also faced issues due to his heavy weight. After joining FFD, he is now free from insulin, lost remarkable weight, and is in a good HbA1c range with a new wardrobe.

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5. Bhavani Shankar R V 

Mr. Bhavani Shankar R V | Age- 50 Years | Bangalore | Chief Information Security Officer

He is a senior manager from Bangalore who got diabetes at a very young age. He needed to be maintained on a higher dosage of insulin plus medicines before coming to FFD.

Upon joining the HTP program his insulin dose of 95 units stopped and has also lost 16 kg of weight. A proud case for FFD as despite having one below-knee leg amputated he lost 16 kg of weight only due to a powerful FFD diet protocol.

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6. Manoj Kumar Hisaria

Mr. Manoj Kumar Hisaria | Age- 58 Years | Bihar | Business Owner

He is a 58-year-old businessman from Bihar. He was aware of his pre-diabetic status which later became full-blown diabetes during COVID time.  He strongly felt the need to do something about health and landed into FFD. He has not only reversed his diabetes but is in the normal BMI range after joining the FFD program.

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7. Shanta Mohandas Thakwani

Mrs. Shanta Mohandas Thakwani | Age- 71 Years | Thane | Homemaker

She is a 71-year-old homemaker from Thane whose diabetes came to light during the tests conducted for urinary tract infection. It was quite a shock for her as there is no family history. She got to know about FFD through a family friend and joined HTP immediately.  She is very happy to see an astonishing decline in her HbA1c from 19 to 6.5 in just 3 months.

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8. Anil Sunger

Mr. Anil Sunger | Age- 70 Years | New Delhi | Architect

He is a 70 years young Architect from New Delhi. Work stress and family history were the two main reasons for him to get diabetes. He suffered from fatigue and itching in his toes also. He joined FFD with two main motives, one to reverse diabetes and the second for weight loss. He is now a happy soul having achieved both his goals with FFD.

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9. Sita Bhargava

Mrs. Sita Bhargava | Age- 64 Years | Jaipur, Rajasthan | Housewife

She is a housewife from Jaipur who was discovered to be a diabetic 28 years ago. The stress of handling things on her own was the trigger factor. Over the years she was on both insulin and medicines to control her sugars. She came to know about FFD through Facebook and this changed her life. She is now with reduced insulin and medicines and is 16 kg lighter.

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10. Kajal Rakesh Chawda

Mrs. Kajal Rakesh Chawda | Age- 46 Years | Mumbai | Homemaker

She is a 46 years young homemaker from Mumbai who became aware of her diabetes in 2015. She came to know about FFD through Dr. B. M. Hegde's video and joined it to become free from medicines. A miracle happened, her medicines stopped within 10 days of joining the FFD program. She is 5 kg lighter and very active now.

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Mr. Jegarkal saw amazing improvement in his diabetes and saved his toe from being amputated. Mrs. Nitu Nahar's knee pain resolved and she was saved from going in for knee surgery. Mr. Brijendra Singh's BP medicines were stopped, and his cholesterol medicines were reduced by 50%.

Several have lost a considerable amount of weight and are enjoying fitter life. This proves that FFD protocols not only help in diabetes reversal but also help in reversing co-morbidities.

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