Ananth Padmanabha Rao: An exceptional story of weight loss and medicine freedom

Diabetes reversed, lost 15 kg...FFD is great

  • Name-  Mr. Ananth Padmanabha Rao
  • Age-  56 Years Young
  • Profession- Corporate Employee
  • Place - Bangalore, Karnataka

My motive behind joining FFD

I wanted to stop my tablets and reduce my weight.


I am Ananth Padmanabha Rao, 52 years young from Bangalore. I am a corporate employee working at Bosch. There is diabetes in my family history as my mother is diabetic.

Diabetes and Obesity

Every year I do a health check-up. It was in the year 2014 when the tests revealed my diabetic status. I remember because I was just back after 3 years in Germany.

I used to do home gym exercises and a treadmill but with my work schedule, it became difficult for me to give time. This led to me putting on weight and I reached an alarming  85 kg

Mr. Ananth Padmanabha Rao

How did I come to know about FFD?

I always wanted to get rid of medicines and lose weight but I never tried anything.

I had come across FFD on Facebook.  One of my colleagues and my manager both had joined FFD, so took input from them too.  The biggest motivating point was when I came to know my manager's medicines got stopped.

Once I saw a path to achieve I decided to go for it.

FFD journey

The 4 FFD protocols are truly the pillars of a good and healthy life. I was under the impression that diet and exercise are only important but after FFD I understood the importance of inner transformation too.

My food habits were not very bad but FFD has taught me a systematic way of eating and I will be grateful for it all my life.  My diabetes medicines too stopped in a few months.

The weight loss journey has been worth sharing.  As mentioned earlier, I was at 85 kg when I joined FFD. In the first two and half months, I came down to 70.65 kg which was just awesome. I feel I can do everything now.


FFD has been the best thing that has happened to me. I am free to ask all my queries and get them answered quickly which is really a big plus point.

I am genuinely happy because I achieved both my goals of reversing diabetes and weight loss.


Key takeaways 

  • Medicines stoppage
  • Weight loss of 15 kg 
  • Greater positivity