Anantharaman Seshasayee: Only FFD Could Reverse My 20 Years of Diabetes

  • Name- Mr. Anantharaman Seshasayee
  • Age- 73 years
  • Profession- Asst. Gen. Manager (SBI)
  • Place - Coimbatore, India

Once you know you are a diabetic, maintaining sugar levels becomes an important part.  Controlling blood sugar through diet, oral medication or insulin is the main line of treatment.  But let me tell you from my experience, this is not the permanent solution. 

The medicines keep increasing and changing and you might land up into complications.  Diabetes Reversal is the only way out.  No set of medicines can control your sugar for a long time. 

Thank god, I met FFD and came to know 'Diabetes can be reversed. I retired from the State Bank of India, as Assistant General Manager, in the year 2008.

My diabetes story

Mr.Anantharaman Seshasayee	Mr.Anantharaman Seshasayee

In the year 1996, before I went to Kolkata from Chennai, I did a master check-up & my sugar was around 140.  The doctor said it was okay. I was in Kolkata for 7 years till 2003. 

During that time I checked with a nearby Doctor.  He said my sugar was 250 + and put me on Metformin. This was the time fluctuating sugar levels had started affecting my teeth. 

They were giving trouble & were extracted one by one. I never knew disturbed sugars could cause teeth problems. I had also developed some boils on the cheek for which I tried some homeopathic treatment.

I lead a very active life. I was doing regular walking & occasional gym exercises.  My office being on the 15th floor in Kolkata I used to walk up and down 15 floors two or three times a week.

I must admit, my sweet consumption & junk food consumption in get-togethers was slightly on the higher side.

Later in 2003, when I left Kolkata, I went to a Diabetologist in Coimbatore.  He put me on diet control, emphasized regular exercise & changed my tablets to Glucored forte, Janumet 50 / 500, etc, and the HbA1C was brought down to below 6.

With this, all the above problems stated above, simply vanished. In October 2014, during the Annual Master Checkup, the Diabetes doctor observed a slight fluctuation in ECG & suggested an Angiogram test.

The test revealed a few cardiac issues and I was put on tablets for heart issues too. Later in 2019, again my sugar numbers started going up, despite tablets & exercise. 

Now, my diabetologist put me on insulin (Insugen-N 20 units & Insugen-R 10 units, twice a day ).  Sugars came under control for a year & again started going up.  The doctor then added Janumet also along with insulin. 

I was also taking ayurvedic powders for sugar control & then added Sugar Knocker also, after hearing Dr. Hegde. By this time, it was very clear to me that medicines were not helping. 

I often listened to Dr. Hegde on youtube and in one of his videos, he was speaking highly of Dr. Pramod Tripathi. I joined FFD on 15th August 2021 and started following diet control & exercise control. 

Later started working on yoga, strength, stamina. On 28th August, I stopped the Insulin on the doctor’s advice.  On 14th October, the doctor advised me to stop all the tablets but advised me to occasionally take Metformin 250.

My weight which was 82.8 Kg ( BMI 29.83 ) on 15th August came down to 70.6 kg ( BMI 25.31 ) on 2nd December 21.  A reduction of 12.2 Kg in less than 4 months.  Amazing!

Diary writing & Meditation helped me tremendously.  The whole FFD treatment is fantastic. After joining FFD and following the diet, exercise, yoga, meditation regimen, my journey with diabetes, tablets, and insulin has come to an end and my weight also has come almost close to the ideal BMI.

Only 5 months are over. I am sure, the remaining 7 months of the program will do wonders.

Thanks. Dr. Pramod Tripathi.


Diabetes Reversal Program

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