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1. History of Diabetes

2. Complications of Diabetes

3. Diabetes myths

4. Truths About Diabetes Reversal

5. 30-Days Diabetes Reversal Challenge

6. Wow Wednesday series

7. Information about HbA1c

  7.1 Glucometer

  7.2 Everything about Lancet

8. Continuous Glucose Monitoring

9. The Ultimate FFD App

10. Unique FFD App Features are:

Diabetes for a common man means raised sugars or elevated sugar levels and stoppage of sugar, sweets from food. Most people know there are medicines, insulin to treat diabetes. But many do not know that diabetes can be reversed.

Whenever they even hear about it, they are unsure and ask Can diabetes be really reversed? and if it is so how to reverse diabetes? Freedom from Diabetes, founded by Diabetes Specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi is an organization that has been working in the field of 'Diabetes Reversal' for more than 8 years now and has successfully reversed 10000+ people's diabetes so far and still counting.

It would be interesting to know how Freedom from Diabetes achieves this. For that, we need to understand various factors related to diabetes which are as follows.

History of Diabetes

History of diabetes

Diabetes is mainly described as a lifestyle-related disorder. While diabetes has definitely mushroomed in these recent times, there are references to the disease dating back centuries. The earliest mention of diabetes has been found back in 1552 BC.

The first symptom that came to notice was frequent urination. Other symptoms of diabetes got discovered later on. Further studies showed involvement of the pancreas or identified the role of the pancreas in diabetes.

The disorder got categorized as type 1 and type 2 in 1936. Several medicines, later on, synthetic insulin came into the picture. But nobody thought about "diabetes reversal"

Complications of Diabetes

Long term complications of Diabetes

Consistently high or low blood sugar is an indicator of diabetes. And this high blood sugar if left unchecked will inevitably result in a number of long-term medical conditions that can seriously compromise health.

The complications of diabetes are divided into 2 main types- macrovascular and microvascular. Microvascular complication includes damage to kidneys, eyes, nerves, teeth, and gums.

Macrovascular complications involve the heart, brain, blood vessels. But what is the answer to what is the most common complication associated with diabetes? With no doubt it is nerve damage also called neuropathy.

Neuropathy mainly affects the feet and legs and can cause numbness and pain which is very troublesome for a diabetic. If we think of 'diabetes reversal' the other most logical question that comes to our mind is 'can diabetes complications be reversed?'

Diabetes myths

India's Famous Diabetes Myths got busted

It is ironic that despite India’s status as the birthplace of yoga and land where vegetarianism is a way of life, we are so heavily burdened with diabetes and are on the verge of becoming the Diabetes Capital of the World.

Plus there are a number of incorrect beliefs and myths sabotaging treatment and forcing diabetics on a worsening spiral of medicine and medical problems. Hence there is a big need to bust these Diabetes myths.


Truths About Diabetes Reversal

truth about diabetes reversal

We now know for a fact that contrary to traditional medical opinion diabetes as well as other lifestyle disorders can be reversed. And there are seven truths that make this happen. There are 7 truths found out through experiential learnings by FFD which will empower the reversal.

30-Days Diabetes Reversal Challenge

30 Days Diabetes Reversal Challenge

In order to make people aware of the fact that there is something known as 'Diabetes Reversal' and they should get to taste it, Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi of FFD thought of putting up a 30 days diabetes reversal challenge.

The 30-Day Challenge promised host benefits like stabilized blood pressure, reversal of neuropathy, retinopathy, and the one we all want weight loss. The Challenge comprised 30 sessions live-streamed daily for a month on FFD’s YouTube channel and Facebook in the morning at 7.00 am IST.

For the convenience of participants from other time zones, the sessions were recorded and uploaded on FFD’s YouTube channel.

The results of the 30-days diabetes reversal challenge were obvious... Amazing. More and more people got benefitted and requested more from Dr. Pramod Tripathi and the Wow Wednesday program came into being.

Wow Wednesday series

wow Wednesday series

The Wow Wednesday series attracted and is attracting participants from all walks of life and from all across the world. It is being conducted every Wednesday morning for one hour with the idea of helping people deal with common health challenges in a holistic and sustainable manner, using a mix of Yoga, Callisthenics, Pranayama, Acupressure, and other healing techniques.

Attendance is absolutely free. The series is broadcast at 7.20 am (IST) every Wednesday and the recordings are available for all to watch on FFD’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

Now in its 35 weeks, Wow Wednesday is proving to be one of Dr. Pramod Tripathi’s most popular Diabetes Reversal programs. Sessions are not contiguous.

Each one is a complete unit. So viewers can pick and choose which ones to watch. While each topic has been carefully selected to help as many as possible, the following topics consistently make the top five.

Information about HbA1c

Diabetes Lancet: Complete User Manual

FFD's blog gives all the information related to diabetes and its treatment. Many do not know exactly what HbA1c means and how important it is for diabetics. Our special blog on HbA1c gives all the information - how much should be the ideal value and how to maintain the record, etc.


The progress cannot be measured if it is not monitored properly. Hence proper usage of glucometer is a must. FFD has left no stone unturned if it comes to the topic of 'diabetes reversal'. They have explained how to count sugar levels correctly on a glucometer. This is very important and the individuals need to check their levels on their own. The right knowledge will take them one step up in their diabetes reversal process.

Everything about Lancet

FFD very knows that are several questions in relation to lancet usage also. So they thought of making a small blog giving detailed information about lancet usage. The aim was to make people free of fear regarding the amount of pain.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitors - Things you need to Know before use | Freedom from Diabetes

It was also felt that people with diabetes need to understand the importance of continuous glucose monitoring. This is needed to keep a closer eye on their readings. The patients need to keep a record of the readings and this allows your doctor to get a more complete picture of the patient’s diabetes, helping detect patterns that can help the doctor modify treatment to better manage the patient’s condition.

The Ultimate FFD App

FFD: Diabetes and Technology

Technology has always played a major role in health care. It has allowed doctors to make massive strides in investigations and execution of complex operations and non- or minimally invasive procedures.

Now, Information Technology combined with cloud computing is enabling millions of patients, often in remote locations, to get diagnosed and treated without needing to travel to the doctor. Online medicine is becoming a reality and mobile applications have played a big role in making this possible.

From online consultations to continuous monitoring of bio-markers the combination of AI/ML and Data Engineering are connecting doctor and patient in unimaginable ways, making ever-more accurate diagnoses and treatment an everyday affair.

In India, one solution, in particular, has become a powerful game-changer in diabetes care: The Freedom from Diabetes Mobile App. It is a hi-tech, hi-touch app that can be used at any time and from anywhere.

Unique FFD App Features are:

1. Support 

With the FFD app help is always at hand, with features like ‘Chat With Doctor, ‘Chat with Diet Expert’ and ‘Chat with Mentor’.

2. Step-by-step guidance

From the moment you log in for the first time, you’re in good hands every step of the way with the FFD app.

3. Personalized Treatment

No two persons are alike. Every individual has his/her own different challenge. The FFD App addresses these challenges by creating 360 degree personalized programs that factor in all the diverse preferences, abilities, and limitations that app users may have.

4. Chat with an expert

The app provides access to your doctor,  diet expert, and exercise expert, who monitors the user's vital and adjusts medication, diet, and exercise as required.

5. Prescription

After each consultation, viewers are required to view the prescription shared in the profile section and download the same.

There are many health tracker apps on the market and more being released by the day, but for diabetics looking to go beyond managing their diabetes and actually reverse it, there is really only one solution: The FFD App.

Truly one can Reverse Diabetes - The FFD way.

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