Benefits of Suryanamaskar for Diabetes : FFD

Long before India earned the dubious distinction of being named diabetes capital of the world, it was the land of yoga. And yoga yet may hold the key to managing diabetes.

There are many asanas that are believed to help lower blood sugar, but one, in particular, stands out for its efficacy.

The Suryanamaskar with a flow of 12 poses done in succession and coordinated to your breath, Suryanamaskar works its magic in a number of ways.

All of which directly or indirectly have a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. Let’s look at them one by one.

Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients

Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients


The compressive forward folding asanas massage the belly and colon, activating the digestive tract, where all the action really takes place.

The colon is ground zero of your health. It is home to the microbiome—the ecosystem of bacteria that lives in our bowels and plays a critical role in digesting food, extracting nutrients, and eliminating waste.

The asanas performed during suryanamaskar, specifically, the forward folds, stoke our Agni—digestive fire—improving digestion and also clearing toxins accumulated within our systems.

This directly improves insulin sensitivity, helping regulate blood sugar levels (BSL)

Eliminates moods swings; builds emotional stability

Eliminates moods swings; builds emotional stability

The combination of asana movements and meditative breathing techniques has been proven to improve stress regulation through the production of dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain.

The suryanamaskar poses trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, dissipating stress. This is a key factor in creating the right conditions to restore the delicate balance the gut microbiome needs to flourish.

Stress is a key trigger for diabetes, as a body under stress secretes cortisol, a hormone that acts in opposition to insulin.

Cortisol is directly responsible for increased fat storage. By helping dissipate stress, the suryanamaskar also promotes fat loss.

Provides cardio training and promotes weight loss

Provides cardio training and promotes weight loss

Even if you practice the suryanamaskar at a measured pace, it is still an energetic exercise. What’s more, it works every part of your body from your head to your toes.

A single round, which comprises two circuits, will have the novice struggling for air and sweating and will burn about 13 calories.

The standard practice is to do 12 asanas in one set. i.e 12x2 or 24 in each round. So when it is repeated 12 times you’re basically doing 288 asanas.

This takes about 20 minutes; which means that in just 20 minutes you will be burning 13 x20 = 260 calories, and thrice that number in an hour! And this is at a meditative rhythm. At a more energetic pace, this will go up significantly.

Weight control is a very important aspect of controlling diabetes. By increasing calorie burn, the suryanamaskar helps regulate BSL.

Fosters emotional stability

Fosters emotional stability

Although suryanamaskar offers fantastic benefits as a cardio exercise, these pale in comparison to the emotional benefits it offers.

When each pose is done mindfully with the recommended breathing technique, the entire practice takes on a meditative aspect and generates much the same benefits.

This is why even a 15-20 minute session can leave you feeling alive and energized, rather than depleted.

Improves muscular strength, flexibility, and balance

	Improves muscular strength, flexibility, and balance

Regular practitioners make it look simple but the asanas challenge the musculoskeletal system thoroughly, from poses like Chaturanga and Mountain that call for a lot of strength in the core, shoulders, arms, and leg to flexibility-building poses like Hastapadasana (Hand to foot pose), Bhujangasna (cobra), and Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose);  

Increased muscle mass means more calories burned.

By improving muscle tone and lean mass, suryanamaskar helps lower BSL.


Suryanamaskar Variations

Suryanamaskar Variations

Like many other Yoga asanas, the suryanamaskar has grown its own variations that increase the level of difficulty and enhance its benefits. Suryanamaskar A is the traditional flow and a great place to begin. For added benefits, give Suryanamskar B a go.

There are many more variations, indeed every pose in the sequence has a variation or two that can be added to make it more challenging.

The suryanamaskar, which is basically a Vinyasa flow of asanas, can also be adapted to incorporate other major poses, such as those from the warrior sequence, triangle sequence, and more.

It is safe to say that almost no other exercise form is as fluid, flexible, and health-giving as the suryanamaskar.

Chair Suryanamaskar—an FFD Innovation

Chair Suryanamaskar—an FFD Innovation

For the complete novice, elderly, and those who may be mobility-challenged, Freedom from Diabetes has evolved a simple variation that gives you almost the same benefits without even leaving your chair.

You can do this variation, which we call the chair suryanamaskar by following along on our video on our YouTube channel, here

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