Chandraprakash Tiwari: How FFD helped me reduce 38 kg

  • Name- Mr. Chandraprakash Tiwari
  • Age- 58 years
  • Profession- Tax Consultant
  • Place - Pune

I am short of words... I do not know how to express my gratitude and happiness for coming to FFD.  It has done wonders for me! I am Chandraprakash Tiwari, a 58 years old Tax consultant from Pune.  I got to know about my diabetes some 15 years ago in a routine medical checkup. 

My sugar levels were very high and I also had urine issues.  Family history-wise, my mother has diabetes.  I have asthma since birth, suffered from Hepatitis B since 1999, and varicose since 2014 which definitely added to my stress to some point.

The news of diabetes was not a pleasant one.  I was immediately put on anti-diabetic medicines like others.  I faced issues like obesity, fatty liver, and skin rashes on my left elbow and right wrist too along with the above. 

At one point, I was on 5 tablets just for sugar, one tablet for BP, on antiviral treatment...Life had become difficult with medicines.

Came to know about FFD through friends. All of them were in great praise of Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD.  This was quite motivating and I finally decided to join.

I was in Pune the city where FFD is situated but it was COVID time and people were restricted to their homes. The good news was the whole FFD treatment was available online and I booked a seat for the Discover Reversal Session with Dr. Tripathi.

The session was so educating and encouraging that I immediately enrolled in the Holistic Transformation Program batch 72 starting on 10th July 2021.

My journey at FFD has been wonderful. It has been great to learn so much about health..I followed all that was told to us in our program in terms of exercise, diet, meditation, etc.  All my doubts regarding exercises were cleared by FFD's exercise experts.  They also suggested modified exercises which helped me a lot.

My health has improved from all angles. The diabetes medicines have been reduced from 5 tablets to 1.  There has been a drastic reduction in the dose of BP tablets, hepatitis B is controlled and there is an improvement in fatty liver.

The cherry on the cake is I succeeded in losing a whopping 38 kg of weight which is really news.  I go to the gym daily and follow an FFD diet. I am feeling light, healthy and nice, and very much happy.

Thank you, FFD.

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