March 2022: Top 10 Diabetes Reversal and Health Transformation Stories

The month of March, even though the third month of the year, is known as the first month of the spring.  It is also known for the start of new beginnings. Many people began their Diabetes Reversal Journey at FFD in this month.  While many got benefitted immensely by actually becoming free from diabetes medicines and insulin after coming to FFD.

This is not a miracle. It is the result of 4 strong FFD protocols implemented in the right way with excellent education and support from the FFD team. Out of several 100s who became free in the month of March 2022, we have chosen the following top 10 to give you an idea of how the 'Diabetes Reversal' actually happens and how co-morbidities too get reversed.

Here is a list of the top 10 participants for you all

1. Anita Kulkarni

Her story is very interesting. She is a 60-year-old homemaker from Bangalore who used to accompany her husband for routine medical checkups and got to know about her own diabetes in one such check-up.  She also suffered from BP and cholesterol issues and taking it as an alarming sign, she joined FFD.  Since then, she has not looked back.

Her 10 years of diabetes medicines stopped in just 11 days.

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2. Indira Chavali

Is a 55-year-old Software Professional from Bangalore again. Hers' is a truly transformational story.  She suffered from thyroid, BP, fatty liver, and pre-diabetes which after some time developed into full-blown diabetes.  Seriously concerned for her health, she began searching for a holistic solution and finally landed at FFD. She is very happy with her progress at FFD and loves to call herself - Cyclist Yogi.

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3. Srikanth Raghavan 

He is a 56 years old Sr. Manager at US-based MNC. His pre-surgery tests first revealed high sugars which later got confirmed as diabetes. With time, his health deteriorated.  His soles got inflamed which made it difficult to walk.  Looking for a way out he came across Dr. B. M. Hegde's video that mentioned Dr. Pramod Tripathi.  Joined FFD and its well-rounded approach helped him a great deal in improving his diabetes and other health parameters.

He is very happy to have come to FFD.

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4. Sangeeta Malekar

She is a 50 years young BHMS doctor from Pune. She came to know about her diabetes during a routine blood test and later on suffered from various health issues like weight gain, leg pain, insomnia, etc.  Came to know about FFD, joined it, and the rest is history.  She, not only reversed her diabetes but succeeded in losing a considerable amount of weight and improving in thyroid issues.

She herself is surprised by the fact that FFD has helped her reverse hereditary diabetes!

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5. Mrinalini Sinha

she is a 42 years young Health & Family Welfare employee from Delhi. She got diabetes at a very young age of 30.  Suffered from insomnia too.  Did not want to live like this and luckily came to know about FFD.  Since then she has not looked back. She not only overcame her diabetes at FFD but her insomnia problem too got solved with FFD's treatment, especially the Inner Transformation part.  Her journey is worth making a note of.

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6. Nikhil Patel