Diabetes Powder Pentasure DM

About "Pentasure DM":

Positioned as a complete diabetic nutrition supplement, Pentasure DM can take away much of the effort and stress that go into planning a diabetes-safe meal. Pentasure Nutrition, the manufacturers of the meal replacement powder (MRP) confirm that the diabetes powder, which has been formulated in line with World Health Organization (WHO) & America Dietetic Association (ADA)  guidelines, has been recommended as a full/partial meal replacement for comprehensive diabetes management.

Benefits of "Pentasure DM":

  • Pentasure DM meal replacement powder is said to be high in protein and fiber, both necessary ingredients to control spikes in blood sugar levels (BSL).
  • In addition, Pentasure DM contains Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) & alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). Some studies suggest that DHA and ALA can significantly reduce fasting blood glucose. ALA is a powerful antioxidant, with the ability to kill free radicals. It may help people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, i.e. sensations of pins-and-needles, burning, pain, and/or numbness in arms, hands, legs, or feet caused by nerve damage.
  • Diabetic powder Pentasure DM is said to be sucrose-free and enriched with special nutrients that help maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • The powder may help promote muscle gain as it contains 100% whey protein, which is a necessary ingredient for lean muscle maintenance. Gaining muscle mass is critical in maintaining normal BSL, as the more muscle one has, the higher their calorie requirement, which translates into lower BSL.
  • When consumed as a meal between meals, Pentasure DM is said to help maintain energy levels, and reduce sugar fluctuations, effectively preventing complications of diabetes.
  • We know how important it is for diabetics to monitor their carbohydrate intake in order to keep their blood glucose levels in check. A low-carb-high-protein-high-fiber meal replacement powder provides a simple and easy way to get your calories without the angst of worrying about possible blood sugar spikes.
  • Pentasure DM is said to be a scientifically proven formula for healthy diabetes management for patients with diabetes. Not only does it contain a high percentage of fiber it is also enriched with DHA and Alpha Lipoic Acid, which can reduce blood sugar, and stave off possible complications, such as damage to the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, feet, and eyes, which come with long term, un-managed diabetes.

Ingredients of "Pentasure DM":

  • High Fiber Content
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • 100% Whey protein concentrate
  • Enriched with Taurine, Carnitine, Inositol
  • Enriched with DHA and Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Balanced Carbohydrate and Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA)

Dosage & Consumption:

  • A single serving ( ˜50g) of Pentasure DM comprises 4 scoops


  • Mix the powder thoroughly in 200ml of water—a shaker is an easy way to mix the powder—until you get a smooth viscous consistency. Do not add sugar.
  • The manufacturers also suggest substituting the water with milk or adding the powder to your favorite smoothie. Be aware though that milk is a high-fat, high-calorie food.


The above information has been provided in good faith. The authors make no claim about the product. Please consult your doctor or a trained medical professional before making any dietary/pharmacological changes.

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