Diabetes reversal success story from Mumbai

  • Name- Mr. Sunil Ganpat Gojare
  • Age- 47 years
  • Profession- IT Professional
  • Place - Panvel, Mumbai


  • I was not in favor of living a life dependent on medicines.
  • When I came to know there is a way, I just grabbed the opportunity.



I am Sunil Gojare, an  IT Professional, working as Senior Service Manager in Atos India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.
My mother does suffer from diabetes.

How was my diabetes diagnosed?

One good habit that I always followed was doing a routine medical checkup.  I came to know about my diabetic status in one such checkup done in 2010.  I was just 33 then.

Difficulties I faced

Laziness, mood swings, and frequent urination were the symptoms I suffered with.  I was taking Glycomet 500 mg tablet twice a day.  I did not face any major health issues due to diabetes but the tag of being a diabetic was disturbing.

My introduction to Freedom from Diabetes

As a Sr. Manager, I require to be active on social media and this helped me in meeting FFD. FFD was introduced through social media networking advertisements. The information about diabetes reversal was very logical and convincing.  So there was no doubt.

 Mr. Sunil Ganpat Gojare

My Journey with Freedom from Diabetes

It was a great journey and a 360-degree life-changing moment for me. FFD diabetes reversal program HTP runs on 4 main protocols diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical assistance.

I followed every point as instructed by the FFD expert and within 45 days, I stopped my medicine as a regular diet and Diabetes friendly green smoothie showed results very quickly. Now, I am free from medicine and under good control of weight. 

When I started the program my weight was 87 Kg and my fasting sugar level was 190 with PP 250. After water fasting and juice fasting for 48-52 hours, my weight started reducing, and currently, I am at 75-76 Kg.  So it has been an 11 to 12 Kg weight loss in total.


Freedom from Diabetes has changed my life.  I am a new person with new habits and routines.  I do all exercises like the world’s best warm-up, meditation, affirmation, Surya Namaskar, resistance band exercise, and dumbbells workout.


  • Freedom from medicine
  • Freedom from excess weight
  • Enjoying Life 2.0

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