FFD helped overcome diabetes and co-morbidities

Thyroid reversed, BP reversed, 20 kg lighter

  • Name- Mr. Kumar
  • Age-  58 Years Young
  • Profession- Corporate Employee
  • Place - Gandhinagar


Hello all,


I'm Kumar, a corporate employee from Gandhinagar.

My diabetes story

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2011 and started taking medication for it immediately. It was a pre-COVID period when my tests revealed a high HbA1c level of 11.3.  My weight also went up to 79 kg.

I have been taking BP medicines since 2017.  Thyroid medicines began in July 2021. Family history-wise, there is a history of diabetes on my maternal side.

How did I get acquainted with FFD?

FFD was introduced through my wife, who is non-diabetic.

What made me choose FFD?

I wanted to get rid of medicines and regain health.  With FFD I saw hope.  A talk with Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately

                                                                  Mr. Kumar

Reversal story

The 4 FFD protocols are truly amazing.  The 25% formula is just out of the world.  As I began following the protocols, my health started improving.  My diabetes medicines stopped within three weeks of joining the program which was the best piece of news for me.

Within six months my HbA1c improved to 7.1 from 8.8 and my weight reduced from 76 kg to 65 kg. By the end of the year, my HbA1c was 6.3 and my weight was 56 kg.

My hypertension and thyroid medicines both have stopped too.  This was like the cherry on the cake. FFD also helps reverse co-morbidities. I am very fond of fast walking and jogging and follow the 3:2:1 exercise formula recommended by FFD.

I do a lot of trekking in the mountains and forests. I used to do them earlier also, but now I do them with ease. I have become very active and feel refreshed.


Key quote

"I would like to thank the entire FFD team, especially Dr. Pawar, exercise expert Nabeena, and diet counselor Shraddha for all the help and support"


Key takeaways

  • Diabetes Medicine stopped
  • Thyroid reversed
  • Hypertension reversed
  • Weight loss 20 kg
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