Freedom from diabetes & excess 21 kg weight

  • Name- Mrs. Vijaya M. Ingle
  • Age- 61 years
  • Profession- Retired BSNL employee
  • Place - Hubli, Karnataka

I am Vijaya M. Ingle, a 61 years old,  retired employee of BSNL from Hubballi, Karnataka.  I do not have a family history of diabetes but there was some stress at the professional and personal levels, both.

In 2006, I suffered from skin issues for which my doctor advised me to get my blood tests done.  The results showed me to be suffering from diabetes.

I had lots of problems like frequent urination, lack of sleep, weight gain, whole day tiredness, so many to list.  But major problem happened on 23.07.2008 when the middle finger of my right hand was amputated and all the medicines started.

I came to know about FFD through a YouTube video of Dr. B. M. Hegde where he was appreciating Dr. Pramod Tripathi and the Muktotsav in it.

After this, I got all the tests suggested by FFD done and took the report to my local doctor. He was shocked and told me both kidneys were damaged and will have to start new pills for that.  He also doubled all the regular medicines. 

I didn't start the new prescription.  That time, I felt like an atom bomb had fallen on me.  This incident made me firmly decide to join FFD and reverse diabetes.

Mrs. Vijaya M. Ingle

I also tried taking Insulin but dropped it within 2 months as it was very painful and made me more dependent too.  For that reason, I had to be put on 7 tablets per day, 3 in the morning and 4 in the night. I took homeopathic medicine also but stopped them after doing SNS fasting as suggested in FFD Diabetes Reversal Program on my own.

My FFD journey with HTP batch 73 has been memorable.  It took time for me to heal but it did happen.  I got rid of all my 7 tablets within 6 months of my program.  I am really grateful to FFD for it.

When I was given a target to reduce weight to 63 kg, I told myself what an impossible task!!!!! Let me lose 50 gm out of it first..... But joining FFD and following the protocols, I found my clothes were loose. Then I purchased the weighing machine and witnessed a reduction in my weight day-by-day even in grams.

In the middle, it was stuck in some numbers which made me worried. Then, the FFD doctor and dietician told me it happens to some people.  But I had decided to lose more weight to a minimum <15 kg of weight or <5 BMI drop as told by Dr. Pramod Tripathi and Dr. Roy Taylor.

Further, I took help from the Inner Transformation Team and Kavita Modi sent me meditation audio which helped me a lot in my further journey.  I attended almost all mind-body-soul healing sessions of Dr. Mayurika Das Biswas.

Her smiling face always helped me to step forward.  With slow but steady moves I am able to come out of this diabetes and related complications. I have lost almost 21 kg of weight (from 72 kg to 50.2 kg) which I never dreamt of.

I am happy about my achievement.  At the same time, am very much aware that I still have a long way to go.  Currently, I am following all the guidelines of my FFD Doctor, Dietician, and Exercise expert.

I would like my story to be included in type 2 diabetes reversal success stories of FFD.

Thank  you, FFD

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