Holistic health transformation. And a program to help you achieve it.

Beyond diabetes reversal

When it comes to health diagnostics, Blood sugar level (BSL) is as basic a biomarker today as blood pressure or body temperature. High (or low) BSL is one of the clearest indicators of an underlying health disorder that can result in myriad health disorders from diabetes to hypertension, PCOD/PCOS, heart disorders, and kidney disease among others. A metabolic disorder, as the underlying cause is known, is the primary trigger for diabetes and it is the key to its reversal as well.

Our own research and successes—which are supported by over 12000 successful total diabetes reversals and just as many reversals of high BP, cardiac disorders, cholesterol, etc.—show that our diet-exercise-stress management-medical protocols do much more that just reverse diabetes, they have a positive effect on your entire body.

This change however demands a deep behavioral change, which doesn’t happen overnight, and is why our flagship program lasts for one full year.

Over the year, participants are gradually led through four phases that move from glucose control to accelerated reversal, where techniques like juice feasting and fasting are incorporated, to inner transformation, where deep-rooted stress triggers are understood and dissipated.

Phase-wise improvement

Each phase takes the participant deeper into reversal mode. More important, participants understand why their bodies behave in a certain way to certain specific stimuli. By the end of the first phase, which lasts 4 to 6 weeks, a significant number of participants will have already become free of their medicines. But sustaining this reversal calls for a deeper change, which occurs over the following weeks. Ultimately the program gives them the knowledge, techniques, and tools to deal with any minor health hiccup that may arise in their daily lives.

The term holistic underscores the nature of the treatment, which takes diverse aspects of the entire individual into account, including mental, emotional, and societal factors, instead of merely the symptoms of the disorder. As a result, a deep transformation takes place that induces a complete behavioral change in the participant; a change that manifests itself not merely in freedom from medicines, but also in re-energizes the individual and creating a positive mental attitude that shrugs off stress and keeps the individual in a balanced state of health.

Attaining 360-degree transformation

This holistic transformation is wrought by changing every aspect of your life: The way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you deal with stress. The result is a profound transformation that is as deep-rooted, as it is sustainable.

1. Diet

Over the years, the typical urbanite incorporates a number of questionable food habits into their daily lives. Habits that slowly compromise your metabolism and leave you susceptible to a whole group of illnesses that are today classified as lifestyle disorders. The most basic of these relates to food. Some foods we already know are not good for you, e.g. sugary, salty, and deep-fried foods, others are more insidious thanks to health associations that have developed around them—dairy milk and milk products, for instance, are considered supremely healthy. But in fact, milk is very high in fat, in addition, it contains a compound known as Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF), which compromises insulin’s ability to move glucose from your bloodstream into the body’s cells and tissues.

Micronutrients are another food group that has been largely ignored, with the attention paid to macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat). But these micronutrients are essential sources of many powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, etc. These micronutrients promote gut health, which as a number of studies have shown, is essential for overall good health, from your digestive to your brain function! Leafy greens, nuts, beans, seeds, berries, herbs and spices are all rich sources. Ideally one should consume these in their raw form, as cooking is shown to destroy most of the vital nutrients they consume. FFD’s super green smoothie is a unique and easy-to-prepare recipe that is a mainstay of the holistic transformation program. You can get the recipe and more information about its benefits, here.

2. Exercise

Another area that has become fertile ground for health myths is exercise. Diabetics for instance are routinely told they need to walk more, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Our own research shows that there are other far more effective—and faster—ways to achieve holistic fitness, and lower BSL, the chief cause of metabolic health disorders. These include the innovative nitric oxide dump and anti-gravity exercises.

To learn how to do the nitric oxide dump and for more insights on anti-gravity exercises, read our article on the topic here, or watch our videos posted on FFD’s YouTube channel.

Weight training is another area that is rife with mistaken beliefs. Women afraid of becoming ‘bulky’, for instance, is a common comment one hears. The truth is that women just do not have the genetic material—including hormones—to become muscular.

The beefy women one encounters in the pages of glossy magazines are usually professional athletes whose diets and supplementation regimes include a number of substances that are responsible for their muscular growth, and which are absent from normal diets—even of the most avid female gym rat. Resistance training, however, is essential for maintaining muscle tissue, which one loses as a natural phenomenon as one ages. Resistance training—be it with gym weights or bodyweight—is a proven and fast way to hang on to your muscle mass and grow it.

Flexibility and balance are also elements that need to be part of every fitness regime. Both these elements are neglected in our everyday life but are essential for healthy aging. Disciplines like Yoga and Tai Chi are excellent ways to nurture both.

3. Stress management

Thankfully, humans no longer have to content with a primitive environment where fight-flight response led to constant adrenaline/cortisol release and thus stress, but urban life is not as stress-free as one might think. We’ve just gotten better at internalizing our stresses.

Financial worries, business/work-related stress, and domestic strife are all sources of stress and in normal well-adjusted life, these stresses should dissipate naturally once the source has been dealt with. But when it builds up it interferes with every bodily system from your digestion to the nervous system and becomes a primary trigger for metabolic disorders.

There are many ways to deal with stress: meditation, breath-work, mindfulness, relaxation, and more. Our Holistic Transformation Program teaches participants such techniques so they are better able to be aware of stress triggers, alter their behavior accordingly, gain acceptance and adapt and move on to a happier, more placid plane of peacefulness.

4. Medical supervision

Holistic health doesn’t ignore the importance of medical supervision. It is not enough to merely monitor one’s BP, temperature, or blood glucose levels. You also sometimes need medical intervention to 1) understand the underlying information in the data 2) make the appropriate diagnosis and prescribe a suitable treatment.

This is why every participant in our Holistic Transformation Program, in addition to a dedicated diet expert, exercise expert, and inner transformation expert, is also assigned a doctor, who is responsible for monitoring and managing the participant’s health based on regular readings of basic biomarkers.

One of the basic dangers inherent in any diabetes management program is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), caused by a mismatch between medication, physical activity, and diet. This is a potentially life-threatening condition that can be easily staved off with proper intervention.

Benefits of holistic transformation

There are many benefits from holistic transformation, but the chief ones you will gain are:

1. A robust foundation

The diet, exercise, and stress management methods described above help build the foundation you need to be sustainably healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

2. Stronger mind and body

Not only will you become leaner, stronger, and fitter, but you will also find your cognitive processes improving and your mental outlook more positive

3. Knowledge and confidence to become your own health master

As you gain a deeper understanding into your body’s dietary, fitness, and emotional needs, you will also accumulate a vast storehouse of knowledge that you can leverage to maintain your health regardless of external circumstances.

To get a more detailed picture of Holistic Transformation, and what this entails, register for our Discover Reversal Session. This online session is conducted by FFD’s founder Dr. Pramod Tripathi, himself. Over the course of the session, you will learn the underlying cause of metabolic disorders, the stages of reversal, and how to achieve them.

You will also receive dietary and exercise guidance to jumpstart your own transformation. The session ends with a comprehensive Q & A session during which participants are free to get any and all their (health-related) doubts cleared and queries answered.

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