How FFD helped me overcome diabetes and make lifestyle change

From Curveballs to Clarity: My Journey to Diabetes Reversal with FFD

  • Name - Dr. Pawan Ramesh Nanjangud
  • Age - 40 Years Young
  • Profession - Anesthetist
  • Place - Oxfordshire, U.K.

Hello all,

I'm Dr. Pawan Ramesh Nanjangud an Anesthetist from Oxfordshire, U. K.

My diabetes story

In July 2022, just when I thought life couldn't throw any more curveballs at me, an insidious urinary infection struck with relentless force.

Concerned and baffled by its persistent presence, I embarked on a journey to uncover the root cause behind this unwelcome visitor.

Little did I know that fate had conspired against me as the test results revealed a silent intruder lurking within: diabetes.

As an anesthetist, my days were already filled with unyielding challenges - erratic shifts that encompassed both the light of day and darkness of night.

While there is a familial history of diabetes on my father's side, I believe that the primary factors contributing to my condition were stress and lifestyle choices.

How was FFD introduced?

I first learned about FFD through a YouTube lecture delivered by Dr. B. M. Hegde.

What made me choose FFD?

I was determined to change my lifestyle and had some understanding of lifestyle medicine. However, I lacked the knowledge of how to integrate all the interventions cohesively.

I was seeking a program that would provide a comprehensive approach, rather than having to implement changes bit by bit and not seeing satisfactory results. FFD was offering hope.

The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Dr. Pawan Ramesh Nanjangud

Reversal story

My FFD experience has been absolutely mind-blowing when it comes to managing my diabetes.

I cannot even begin to express how thrilled I am with the results. When I first entered the program, I was dependent on Metformin, but within just 1 month, that medication became a thing of the past!

My HbA1C levels dropped from 6% while taking Metformin to an astounding 5.6% without any medicines at all.

But that's not all – brace yourself for this – I shed a remarkable 15 kilograms! Can you believe it? Not only did my weight plummet, but so did my snoring and reflux issues; they vanished completely!

Since making positive changes to my lifestyle, I have experienced a profound shift in my well-being. I now feel more relaxed, energetic, and enthusiastic about life.

My perspective has transformed from one of resignation and cynicism to hopefulness and enthusiasm. I have developed a keen understanding of what my body requires in terms of nutrition, exercise, and sleep, including when and how much to engage in these activities.

Athletic yogi is the athletic identity that I have chosen for myself.

Key quote

" FFD has illuminated the genuine path to reversing diabetes and making transformative lifestyle changes."

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped
  • Weight loss 15 kg
  • Heightened positivity