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Weight loss has become a huge industry today. From people suffering from chronic diseases to those struggling with self-image issues, excess weight—read ‘fat’—is a common problem. And as our lives become increasingly urbanized, the problem is only going to get weightier, leading to myriad health complications.

Health risks from obesity and excess weight

1. Insulin Resistance

The biggest health risk from excess weight (read, fat) is insulin resistance. As fat begins to surround the visceral organs, like the liver and pancreas, it compromises their functionality, leading to inadequate insulin or insulin that the body is resistant to. As a result, glucose in the bloodstream is unable to enter muscle cells and builds up in the blood, where it causes damage to all cells and organs large and small since every organ in the body depends on blood to obtain nutrients and oxygen.

The insulin in the blood also triggers the conversion of carbohydrates obtained from food into fat, sending the body into a spiral of fat production. When the fat enters the cells, they further compromise the ability of the cells to take in glucose, and the cycle continues. Over time, this insulin resistance translates into diabetes, which if left unmanaged leads to a host of health problems from BP to kidney failure

2. Hypertension

Obesity promotes insulin and leptin resistance by sending the body’s sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. Over time, these factors lead to hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

3. High Triglycerides

When you have excess fatty tissue in your body, larger amounts of free fatty acids enter the liver. It also causes inflammation throughout the body, which in turn affects how your body manages HDL, aka, ‘good’ cholesterol, and other lipoproteins.

4. Heart Disease

When you have too much LDL (aka, ‘bad’ cholesterol), a condition known as hypercholesterolemia, fatty deposits build up on arterial walls, (atherosclerosis), restricting the flow of blood, which could lead to heart attacks or strokes

5. Sleep Apnea

Excessive weight has also been linked to sleep problems, like apnea, as fatty deposits in the upper respiratory tract begin to restrict the airway. This diminishes muscle activity in the upper respiratory tract, leading to sleep apnea. While other health conditions have also been seen to cause sleep apnea, obesity or being overweight is more than twice as likely to cause it.

Not only is obesity more likely to cause sleep apnea, the sleepless nights it brings also boost fat production, which in turn aggravates the apnea problem. It is a vicious cycle but it can be broken. Breaking the obesity sleeplessness cycle gives you all the insights you need to say good night to sleep apnea.

6. Depression, anxiety, and overall low quality of life

On a practical plane, being overweight affects almost every aspect of daily life, from seating and sleeping to fitting into standard seats on public transport or airplanes. Obesity often has a negative impact on one’s self-esteem as well, to the extent of requiring medical intervention.

Obese Kids, Future Diabetics

The problem with excess weight can start as early as childhood. With children increasingly trading the playground for the gaming console, childhood obesity has become a very real problem. Everyone loves a chubby child, but those pinchable cheeks are a warning sign too… The dangers of becoming insulin resistant, contracting diabetes, and other related diseases is clear.

Type two diabetes is now attacking younger and younger populations. It’s important to recognize the risks and know what should be done to address the problem, so it doesn’t develop into a major roadblock down the road. Get the insights you need in this article: Childhood obesity… future diabetics

Is BMI the Best Tool to Determine Healthy Weight?

So how much weight should one be optimally? There are several screening tools that can be used to identify the potential risk of disease from excess weight. One of the most popular ones is BMI or Body Mass Index. This is simply a ratio of your weight to your height. However, it’s very simplicity opens it up to numerous exceptions. For instance, athletes, weightlifters, and people who perform a lot of manual labour will compute a dangerously high BMI.

This is simply because muscle is far heavier than fat, and this can skew the readings to obesity, contrary to physical appearance. To eliminate such possibilities, it is advisable to use BMI in conjunction with other ratios such as Waist to Height or Waist to Hips. To understand more about these weight screening tools, and how to use them and interpret the results, refer to our article on to understand whether BMI is the only tool for measuring weight loss.

Beware of Weight Loss. Here’s why

Which brings us neatly to the dangers of using the weighing scale to chalk one’s progress. Since the weighing scale only measures weight, there is no way to know if the weight lost is fat. Because muscle is so much heavier than fat, losing even a small amount of fat will seem like significant progress. Another reason for the scale moving down is often fluid/water loss.

The body is naturally pre-disposed to break down muscle for energy instead of fat. This means very restrictive diets will only trigger muscle loss. And when you lose muscle, the body’s basic energy needs reduce, causing a significant calorie surplus when the diet ends. The result is a double whammy. Not only will you regain the lost weight; it will come back as fat! To understand the complexities of weight loss, read our article entitles weight loss vs fat loss.

10 Ways to Target that stubborn Belly Fat

Finding it difficult to get rid of that spare tire? You’re not alone. Belly fat is notoriously difficult to target, as everyone who has tried knows. But it is a primary risk factor for a host of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cardiac disease, hypertension, and others.

But don’t give up. We have compiled a list of ways that have proven to work. They are simple, do-able, and have the power to transform your health. Ready to fire up your fat-burning furnace? Read on to discover 10 ways to burn belly fat. Obesity can have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem, which could lead to clinical depression

6 Simple Weight Loss Hacks You Can Use Today!

Obesity has been described as another pandemic. It is creeping up on us, almost unnoticed, and it has the capacity to really weigh us down. Whether it is for self-image or health reasons, almost everyone, at some point in their lives or the other, has either gone on a diet or tried a new exercise program to get rid of their excess weight.

While many will have achieved in losing some weight, keeping it off is a lot more challenging. To help you do both without losing your mind, as Ms. Divekar put it, here are some strategies that have proven themselves time and again. Weight loss hacks you can use today

12 Proven Ways to Subdue Food Cravings

One thing that all diets have in common is that they restrict certain foods. This introduces a second common factor: food cravings. It’s not just dieters who experience food cravings. Who hasn’t been attacked by a late-night craving for dessert?

But the danger in giving in to the craving is that it induces a dopamine high followed by a plunge, which triggers a sharper craving. But there are several proven ways to beat the cravings and stay on the narrow path to health; here are twelve of the best: Twelve proven ways to subdue food cravings.

How to Weight loss After Pregnancy

One can pinpoint life situations that bring on the urge to lose weight. College reunions, for instance, or weddings. Post-pregnancy is another one. There are several reasons to be careful about jumping into a weight loss program after delivery.

For one thing, your body needs to recover. You might also be breastfeeding, in which case it is definitely advisable to wait. That doesn’t mean you can start working toward achieving weight loss goals. Here’s a closer look at how to lose those pregnancy pounds without losing your health

Cheat Days During Weight Loss Program

To cheat or not to cheat, that’s the eternal question that plagues everyone on a diet. And understandably. Restricting your body from consuming foods that it has come to see as a staple is not something it will take quietly. So it rebels by triggering cravings for the very foods that have caused the need for the diet itself.

When the cravings become too much too handle and the dieter is in danger of succumbing, will a small cheat help. The evidence is not clear; while some studies do show that the occasional cheat can help break through plateaus, others say no. But there are benefits to be had. So should you cheat on your diet? Read our article on cheat meals to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

You’ve stuck to your diet, done the exercise, and lost all the weight. But before you rush out to buy that new wardrobe, you still have one last hurdle to face. One last bit of flesh that is still standing in the way of your dream physique. Yes, we’re talking about loose skin.

Weight loss is great but it does come with one unwanted side effect. The loose skin that your body just doesn’t need anymore. But don’t panic; there are several natural ways to get rid of the loose skin. Read here for a curated list of natural ways to rid yourself of that last reminder of the old you.

Be it for health reasons, self-image, or body aesthetics, maintaining weight in the recommended range is imperative. FFD offers structured programs that have benefitted each and every one of our participants. Our recommended diet exercise-de stress protocols, complemented by medical supervision provide all the guidance, support, and encouragement needed to shed that excess baggage.

The links provided in this article cover many of the primary obstacles one faces in the battle of the bulge. For more information please visit our YouTube & Facebook pages or head to our weight loss program page on

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