Benefits of Jamun: Is jamun good for diabetic patient?

Jamun is beneficial for Diabetes?

The word Jamun reminds us of childhood summers. It also reminds us of Jamun's fights for want of more amongst siblings.

But what is Jamun Fruit? 

The Jamun fruit is a minor fruit of commercial value widely grown in India. It has various other names like Indian black cherry, Ram Jamun black plum, etc. in different parts of India. The tree is usually tall and evergreen.  

It is originally found in India, also found in Thailand, the Philippines, and Madagascar.  It is also found in subtropical regions like  Florida, California, Algeria, Israel, etc.

The mention of Jamun trees is found in Indian folklore. Jamun fruit is also referred to as the “Fruit of the Gods,” and the legend that surrounds it is that Lord Rama survived on Jamun during his exile in the forest. In Kerala, Jamun fruits are considered prosperous. 

Nutritional facts of Jamun

Jamun is loaded with all the important nutrients. In spite of being packed with glucose and fructose, it is a low-calorie fruit. It is a good source of many things like potassium, iron, proteins, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and magnesium.
Due to its low-calorie content, it is perfect for healthy snacking!

Jamun fruit is also an excellent source of

  • flavonoids
  • phosphorus
  • antioxidants
  • calcium
  • Sodium
  • riboflavin
  • carotene
  • fiber
  • folic acid

is another important ingredient found in Jamun. Jamun fruit calories - 75 calories per cup (moderate)

Jamun and Diabetes: 

Even though most of love Jamun as a fruit, it does help a great deal in diabetes.

Jamun Benefits

1. A powerful antioxidant.
2. Helps improve immunity and in the prevention of liver damage in diabetics.
3. Jamun extract has been shown to have anti-cancer potential.
4. Good for eyes and skin as is a great source of Vitamin A and C.
5. Good for keeping blood and urine sugar levels under control.
6. Has anti-aging properties and is also used as a coolant in the summer.
7. Beneficial for digestive system properties. Helps reduce diarrhea, dysentery, and dyspepsia.
8. Used for sore throat and asthma.
9. Jamun leaves are shown to have healing properties as well as anti-bacterial properties.
10. It is seen that Jamun juice may help in female sterility issues.
11. Help in anemia by increasing Hemoglobin due to high iron content.


Not only the fruits but Jamun seeds are also found to have immense medicinal properties.

1. A gram of dried Jamun seed powder 3 times a helps in reducing high blood sugar.

2.  If 2 g of dried Jamun seed powder is consumed, it can help in reducing polyuria.

3. A gram of dried seed powder will help to reduce irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Uterine function can be improved with both Jamun seeds and Jamun leaves

5. Good amount of alkaloids in seeds help in the hypoglycemic effect.

Diabetes and Jamuns 

Diabetic patients can consume Jamun every day to help enhance insulin activity and sensitivity. Having Jamuns can help in postponing the onset of diabetes. 


How to implement Jamuns in your diet?

1. Have Jamun juice with breakfast.

2. Two to three Jamun are enough to get sorted for a mid-meal snack.

3. Tasty fruity yogurt can be made with Jamuns.

4. Kids love to have Jamun smoothies or Jamun milkshakes.  In diabetics, these can be prepared using coconut milk or almond milk. Jamun ice cream prepared using coconut milk or almond milk without sugar is also great.

Considering all the above benefits of Jamun, one should keep in mind or make note of the following precautions also-

1. Jamuns should be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women as they can cause a decrease in sugar levels necessary for the baby.

2. It is better to avoid Jamun before and after 2 weeks of surgery.

3. Due to chances of going into hypoglycemia, Jamun should not be eaten on empty stomach.

4. Do not consume milk after having Jamun in snacks.

5. Body aches and fever can happen on excessive consumption

6. Discomfort in the chest and throat due to cough and sputum accumulation in the lungs on excessive consumption should be avoided.

7. Jamuns can increase Vata dosha, so such people should avoid them.s

To summarize, jamun benefits for diabetes. it is a great fruit with incredible health benefits for diabetics.  Not only the fruit but the seeds are also beneficial in diabetes in an above-given way. If you have diabetes, do inculcate Jamun fruit and Jamun seeds in your regular diet to reap innumerable benefits in regards to sugars and insulin activity, and sensitivity.

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