May 24 : Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

Top 10 Success Stories of May 2024

1. Manishkumar Mangukia

Mr. Manishkumar Mangukia | Age - 42 Years | Hong Kong S.A.R | CEO

Manishkumar, a CEO, was diagnosed with diabetes during a routine check-up. Unhealthy lifestyle contributed to him becoming overweight too reaching 109 kg. Joining FFD was the best decision he made. Now, he is not only free from medication but also 20 kg lighter and a much more positive person.

Read his story here to discover how FFD helped him transform.

2. Prithviraj Kemparaju

Mr. Prithviraj Kemparaju | Age - 42 Years | Galway, Ireland | Engineer

Prithviraj, an engineer, developed diabetes in his late 20s and also suffered from hypertension. His life took a positive turn after joining FFD. His sugar levels improved, and his medication was reduced.

Additionally, he lost 13 kg and greatly appreciates the inner transformation phase, which has significantly benefited his health.

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3. Sandeep Shivdas