April 24 : Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

Top 10 Success Stories of April 2024

1. Minal Rajeev Chandhoke

Mrs. Minal Rajeev Chandhoke | Age - 50 Years | Kanpur | Housewife

Minal, a housewife from Kanpur, discovered she had diabetes in 2022, along with high triglycerides, uric acid, and excess weight. Her journey with us proved to be incredibly transformative. Minal achieved remarkable results, including stopping medications, shedding 10 kg of weight, and improving triglyceride and uric acid levels.

Her story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the profound impact of FFD treatment on one's health and well-being.

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2. Deepti Chichria

Mrs. Deepti Chichria | Age - 41 Years | Sydney, Australia | Technical Business Analyst

Deepti Chichria, a technical business analyst from Sydney, Australia, first learned about her diabetes during a routine dental checkup. Concerningly, she also had high HbA1c levels and high cholesterol, adding to her health worries.

Upon her husband's recommendation, Deepti decided to join FFD, a decision that proved to be highly fruitful.

Today, she is not only free from diabetes medication but has also overcome her cholesterol issues and acid reflux. 

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3. Sadhana Bajpai

Mrs. Sadhana Bajpai | Age - 68 Years | Lucknow | Housewife

Sadhana, a Housewife faced multiple health challenges including diabetes, high cholesterol, excess weight, and more. She got to learn about FFD through her husband's friend from the U.S. who inspired her to join.

With us, she is now free from Diabetes Medicines, lost 12 kg of weight, and is happy as her cholesterol medicines reduced too.

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4. Gaurav Bajpai & Smriti Shukla

Mr. Gaurav Bajpai & Mrs. Smriti Shukla | Age - 45 & 43 Years | Gurgaon, Haryana | Corporate Employee

This is a wonderful couple story that makes us proud. Both faced issues of being overweight along with a lack of energy, anxiety, high cholesterol, etc.

By following FFD’s guidelines Gaurav lost 24 kg of weight and Smriti lost 30 kg of weight. Both of them are looking and feeling great filled with lots of energy and have become more active.

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5. Ramanathan