Sadhana Bajpai's Journey: Reversing Diabetes, Finding Health

Breaking Barriers: Sadhana's Path to Diabetes Reversal with FFD

  • Name - Mrs. Sadhana Bajpai
  • Age - 68 Years Young
  • Profession - Housewife
  • Place - Lucknow

Hello all,

I'm Sadhana Bajpai a Housewife from Lucknow.

Key Takeaways

  • Medicine Stopped
  • Weight Loss 12 kg
  • Cholesterol Medicine Reduced

My Diabetes Story

In 2011, a medical examination diagnosed me with diabetes, which was surprising since there was no family history of the condition. I started medication to manage my blood sugar levels.

In the same year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (CA breast), which was successfully treated. In 2018, I underwent knee replacement surgeries, after which I began taking blood pressure medication. Additionally, I had a hysterectomy in 2003.

In addition to these health challenges, I also experienced issues with anxiety.

How was FFD Introduced?

One of my husband's friends from the U.S. had joined the FFD program and experienced immense benefits.

What made me choose FFD?

I never liked being on medicines. I also wanted to improve my health. After seeing improvement in health following the FFD tips given by my husband's friend, I decided to join FFD's type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP.

Mrs. Sadhana Bajpai

Reversal Story

It has been the best decision to have joined FFD. I got more than I expected.

As I began following the tailor-made plan designed by the assigned FFD team, I began seeing positive results.  

My diabetes medicines stopped within one month which was great. My HbA1c also improved.

My Weight Loss from 62 kg down to 50 kg has been remarkable. Interestingly, even with this weight loss I do not feel weak. This is truly healthy weight loss.

My cholesterol medicine has been reduced from 10 mg Atorvastatin daily to 5 mg on alternate days.

I would like to thank my main diet expert Devki madam as well as Durga Bargaje madam who joined last month for all their support and guidance.

The exercise experts also have helped me a lot.

The inner transformation session with Udita was also great.

I have bought dumbbells and do weight training from home. I have improved from chair surya namaskar to standing surya namaskar.

I would take this opportunity to thank my FFD team including Dr. Neha, diet expert Durga Bargaje, exercise expert Dr. Afrin Gilani, and inner transformation expert Udita for their invaluable support and guidance throughout.

Key Quote

Thank you, FFD for the truly holistic treatment.