Rediscovering Wellness - Deepti's Reversal Story

Lessons Learned And Life Transformed With FFD - Deepti

  • Name - Mrs. Deepti Chichria
  • Age - 41 Years Young
  • Profession - Technical Business Analyst
  • Place - Sydney, Australia

Hello all,

I'm Deepti Chichria, a Lead Technical Business Analyst (IT) residing in Sydney, Australia.

Key Takeaways

  • Medicine Free
  • Weight Loss 15 kg
  • Cholesterol Normal
  • Acid Reflux Resolved

My Diabetes Story

I recall going for a regular dental checkup in September 2023 when my dentist suggested getting some blood work done. That's when I discovered I had diabetes.

My HbA1c was very high at 11.7. I also had severe deficiencies in vitamin B12 and vitamin D, along with elevated creatinine levels and high cholesterol.

I experienced symptoms like confusion, memory issues, difficulty with daily activities, palpitations, and stress. While there's a family history of diabetes (my mother developed it at 65), I was diagnosed at 41.

How was FFD Introduced?

My friend's husband is a former FFD participant. She recommended FFD to me.

What made me choose FFD?

I never liked being on medicines. With FFD, I saw a hope of going free of medicines. The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mrs. Deepti Chichria

Reversal Story

Joining FFD has been a life-changing decision for me. I had no idea I would benefit so much. The FFD team assigned to me thoroughly studied my case and designed a personalized plan. Following this, I began to see good results.

My Diabetes medication stopped within two weeks of the program. My HbA1c levels improved from 11.7 to 5.8.

Losing 15 kg, from 77.8 kg down to 62.8 kg, has been amazing.

I had high cholesterol, but now all my blood reports are normal without any medications. I also had high acid reflux issues and couldn't eat a single piece of tomato, but now I can eat as many as I want with no acidity issues.

I've learned a lot with FFD; it has changed the way I live my life. I've understood the science behind the body. FFD has given me a lot of knowledge. I have incorporated this lifestyle for my entire family, including my 11-year-old daughter. I think this is the way forward to live a healthy life.

I feel happy and stress-free. When I was diagnosed, I was so scared and thought this is it, this is the end. But the way FFD helped me is a miracle. 

Many of my friends have called me and complimented me that I am reverse aging. A few of them have joined FFD with my recommendation and have also seen results.

If asked what my favorite form of exercise is, I would say I am a dancer, but I try to juggle between jogging and dancing.

I'm grateful to Suruchi Sharma, my dedicated diet expert, Dr. Shubhankar, the knowledgeable exercise expert, and Dr. Manasi Jambvilkar, who monitors my blood sugar levels and keeps me in check.
Thanks to these gurus for their guidance. Also, kudos to the active and responsive experts in our WhatsApp group.

Key Quote

FFD has taught me the way of life....thanks a million.