Mooli Raita | Easy Vegan Radish Raita Recipe


Diabetes-friendly Easy Mooli Raita Recipe 

Mooli Raita is delicious raita made with vegan yogurt, mooli, and a few green chilies that give the raita a hint of spiciness. It's a quick and easy vegan dahi recipe that goes nicely with parathas or pulaos. The Mooli Raita is a tasty alternative to traditional raitas that may also be enjoyed as a vegan yogurt salad.

What does a meal consist of? A full course meal consists of multiple dishes and courses.  Generally, meals are divided into 3 courses - the first course, the main course, and dessert.  There is something known as a side dish as well and the main course is incomplete without it.

What does this side dish do? 

The side dish is an important part as they actually perk up your meal. We all know that if one suffers from diabetes, he/she needs to be very careful about choosing each and every food item that is consumed.

Diabetics also can have side dish but they need to be cautious about the choice of ingredients in the side dish as well.

Do radish lower blood sugar?

Mooli or radish are low glycemic index vegetables packed with minerals and vitamins.  Hence consuming it doesn't affect sugar levels in the blood.

Radish also aids in regulating the sugar assimilation in the blood, which means that diabetes can eat them without any fear.

Recipe features -

Mooli raita recipe is a 100% vegan recipe.  The curd used in this Raita is vegan curd and does not contain milk in it.

How to make a diabetes-friendly side dish - Mooli raita.


Course Main - Side dish
Cuisine Indian
Preparation time 10 mins
Cooking time  0 mins
Serving 1-2 People

How to make Mooli raita?

Here is an FFD style - radish raita recipe for all health-conscious, and especially diabetics.


  • Grated mooli – 1 cup

  • Chopped coriander – ¼ cup

  • Lemon juice - 2 to 3 tsp

  • Coarsely ground roasted peanuts – 2 tbsp

  • Vegan Dahi – ½ cup

  • Salt

  • Chopped chilies – ¼ tsp

  • Tadka


  • Mix all salad ingredients. 

  • Heat 1 teaspoon of oil in a tadka pan

  •  Add rai and jeera

  • Allow it to splutter
  • After they splutter, switch off the gas and add hing /asafoetida

  • Sauté and add this tadka in the raita.

  • Mix well.

What does raita taste like?

Any raita gives a cooling effect on your palate and perks up your meal.  It has a slightly sour taste and freshness from the herbs and veggies.

This FFD-style radish raita recipe is a good choice as a side dish. It contains all ingredients that are diabetes-friendly namely radish, vegan curd, peanuts, etc.  Diabetics must go for it. 

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