My incredible diabetes and comorbidities reversal story

Comorbidities reversed, 26 kg of weight lost

  • Name - Mr. Kiran Arun Hiralkar
  • Age - 49 Years Young
  • Profession - Business Owner
  • Place - Solapur

Hello all,

I'm Kiran Arun Hiralkar from Solapur. I run my family business of manufacturing paper bags.

My diabetes story

In March 2020, during the lockdown, I began experiencing fatigue, weakness, and a loss of appetite. Due to the strict lockdown measures, accessing labs and doctors was challenging, so I couldn't undergo any tests at that time.

However, in May 2020, when doctors and labs became more accessible, I followed the doctor's recommendation and conducted some tests.

The results revealed a significantly high fasting blood sugar level of 217, leading my doctor to prescribe T. Glymipride 60 per day.

I had a moderate level of obesity, with my weight at 88 kilograms in March 2020. Other than the excess weight, I didn't have any significant health issues.

It's worth noting that my father experienced his first heart attack in 1982, which was when he discovered he had diabetes. My mother was a diabetic for 8 years before joining FFD.

How did FFD happen?

I was looking for diabetes-related information on YouTube, and that's when I first discovered FFD.

What made me choose FFD?

When my doctor prescribed medication for diabetes, I was deeply shaken by the news. It was a moment of disbelief and apprehension because I was well aware of the challenges my family, particularly my father, had endured due to his 18-year battle with diabetes.

Seeing the decline in his quality of life and the suffering he endured, I felt compelled to seek a program that could potentially reverse these health issues. FFD was offering hope.

The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mr. Kiran Arun Hiralkar

Reversal story

Before formally enrolling in FFD, I had started following the prescribed diet protocol. Once I officially joined FFD in July 2020, my weight, which had already been decreasing, continued to drop, and I lost a total of 26 kilograms.

To put it in perspective, my weight went from 88 kilograms in March 2020 to nearly 26 kilograms lighter in just about five months.

Regarding my medications, my physician in Solapur had initially prescribed T. Glycinorm - 60 per day. However, within just five days of joining FFD, all of my diabetic medications were discontinued under the guidance of Dr. Porwal.  I am happy to share that I have cleared GTT 4 years in a row.

Furthermore, in December 2020, my blood pressure medication was also discontinued by the FFD doctors.

Previously, I had been prescribed Ecosprin AV 75 by my Solapur physician, but even that medication was no longer needed, providing me with a great sense of relief.

Regrettably, my Solapur physician didn't prioritize conducting the HbA1c test, unlike FFD, which ensures that every diabetes patient undergoes it.

When I initially joined FFD, my HbA1c level with medications stood at 5.5, but now, by diligently following the FFD regimen, it consistently remains at approximately 5.

Running is my athletic identity nowadays. I have successfully completed more than 12 half marathons. I have made a habit of completing a half marathon every fortnight. 

On Thursday and Sunday I do 10 K running. Even though it is so, I like swimming and Cycling as well. I dream of completing my Half-ironman in the near future as well. Let's see !

Overall, I feel Great! Full of energy, a sense of fulfillment, and confidence within myself!

Key quote

"I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to FFD for providing me with a life liberated from medication."

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped in 5 days
  • Weight loss of 26 kg in 5 months
  • BP medicine stopped
  • Cholesterol medicine stopped
  • GTT cleared