September 23 : Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

The month of September at Freedom from Diabetes commenced with the successful celebration of National Nutrition Week. Throughout this month, many individuals experienced freedom from diabetes medications and insulin. 

Numerous participants also achieved significant weight loss, necessitating a wardrobe update. Moreover, several successfully reversed other associated health issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and thyroid concerns, leading to a revitalized life 2.0.

Now, let's acknowledge the top 10 participants who bravely conquered obstacles to attain their desired life:

Top 10 success stories from September 2023

1. Piyush Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Piyush Kumar Aggarwal | Age - 57 Years | Toronto, Canada | Business Owner

Piyush, an entrepreneur, received an unwelcome diagnosis of diabetes in 2016. He was always averse to the idea of relying on medications, motivating him to seek an alternative solution.

Acting on a friend's recommendation, he joined FFD, and his life took a dramatic turn for the better.

Explore his story to understand how FFD not only enabled him to discontinue his diabetes medications but also facilitated a remarkable weight loss of 17 kilograms.

2. Rajendra Sonarikar

Mr. Rajendra Sonarikar  | Age - 56 Years | Chicago, U.S.A. | IT Professional

Rajendra, an IT expert based in Chicago, received a diabetes diagnosis in 2000. The demands of his leadership role and extensive work hours had a detrimental impact on his health, leading him to rely on 24 units of insulin.

Upon a compelling recommendation from a friend in the U.S.A., he decided to join FFD, and this decision transformed his life.

Read his complete story to discover how FFD facilitated a remarkable 40% reduction in his insulin dependency and contributed to a significant enhancement in his overall health and well-being.

3. Radhika Sitaraman

Mrs. Radhika Sitaraman | Age - 63 Years | California, U.S. | Insurance Agent

Radhika an insurance agent from San Rafael, California was confirmed to have diabetes in 2019. Ever-increasing tablets were a big concern for her which made her look for solutions to managing her diabetes on minimum medicines.

Joining FFD turned out to be a magical experience.  She became free from all her diabetes medicines and is enjoying Life 2.0.

Read her detailed story

4. Abhishek Jain