Navratri 2021: The Best Fasting Tips & Food for Diabetes

Do Try Navratri Fast!

Navratri is a 9-day long festival where Goddess Durga is worshipped for defeating the demon Mahishasura. It is also a festival of fasting. Every community follows different methods of Navratri fast. Fasting can be done in different ways as it provides rest and rejuvenation to the digestive system.

The ceremonies during Navratri include colorful clothing, dancing, fasting, and rituals. Prayers, fasting, meditation, and other spiritual practices performed during this period help bring about a deep rest.

There are different myths about fasting amongst diabetics. Diabetics are always in a dilemma whether to fast or not as it is recommended that they eat every 2 hours.

Plus is it good to fast during Navratri? or are there any benefits of fasting during Navratri?

According to Diabetes Specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Founder of Freedom from Diabetes, fasting helps in controlling diabetes/blood sugar levels. Hence diabetics can take up this opportunity of Navratri Fast to clean up their system physically, mentally, and spiritually which will be highly beneficial for them.

There are several options available when it comes to going for Navratri fast - the FFD way.

Fasting type

You can choose from any of the following options as is possible for you...

  • Go on a complete water fast
  • Do alternate days of juice feasting and water fasting.
  • Juice feast on all days.      
  • Do alternate days of juice feasting and intermittent fasting. (1 or 2 meals per day)
  • Do intermittent fasting on all days (1 or 2 meals per day)

What foods to eat during fasting?

Fasting food

Permissible items on water fast days or in between meals on intermittent fasting days are as follows -

  • Water with sabja or chia seeds (your is the biggest support and the strongest strategy to make fasting successful)
  • Cinnamon Tea or any Herbal Tea. 
  • Green or Black Tea 
  • Kokam, Tamarind Saar (Imli/ tamarind/ chinch saar with stevia, jeera (cumin seeds), and salt)
  • Lemon sharbat with stevia 
  • Black Coffee or Coffee with coconut milk or coconut oil
  • Soaked almonds, walnuts, and seeds.

Besides the above ...

Some Upwass Items Suitable For These Days Are

Navratri fasting food

  • Kuttu (buckwheat / fafad)

  • Singhada (water chestnut) 

  • Rajgira (amaranth) 

  • Unhusked warai (Proso Millet) is a millet (refined warai i.e. bhagar hikes sugars greatly, so avoid)

  • Upwaas thalipeeth of rajgira/ kuttu/ warai millet can be made with grated cucumber in it

  • Barley khichadi tastes like Sabudana khichadi
     REMEMBER TO USE ONLY ONE PSEUDO-GRAIN AT A TIME. Sugars can shoot if quantities are high by increasing the glycemic load. 

  • Sweet Potato can be had around 100g per day in grated form or in cutlets. It has great nutritive value. 

  • Makhana snacks, kheer in coconut milk with stevia as sweetener. 
     Shingada sheera: with almond milk/ coconut milk, date paste and cardamom powder can be made.....If no medicines and fasting sugars are 100   or below. IF SUGARS ARE HIGH AVOID DATES TOTALLY.

  • Groundnut Amti: with little tamarind and ginger + Proso millet with dry tadaka (of jeera, green chili) can be had OR plain rice made of proso millet + 1 bowl cut pieces of cucumber or kakdichi koshimbir.

  • Kavath chutney (wood apple)/ Sweet and savoury juice of kavath/ Bel/ Tadgola (Ice apple) allowed

  • Coconut milk: 60 ml if thin and 30 ml if thick, per day or 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of scraped coconut is allowed per day or 1/4 of a medium-sized fresh coconut. Tender coconut water allowed. 

  • Soaked Nuts: 20-25 groundnut OR 10 almonds OR 5 whole walnuts can be had in a day (if not having nuts in any other form)

  • Diabetes-Friendly Fruits: If sugars are stable with zero or less medicines. Quantity 3-4 per day.

Thus apart from being an ideal time to connect with the spiritual self, Navratri is also the best time to detox and strengthen your body from within. During these nine days, people opt for a variety of foods that are nutritious. Also when you fast, your liquid intake increases. Freedom from Diabetes has specially designed this kind of fasting for diabetics.



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