Our Extraordinary Journey with FFD: Conquering Diabetes, Weight Loss, and Migraines"

Wellness Refined - A Couple's Story Of Overcoming Diabetes, Shedding Pounds And Conquering Migraines

  • Name - Mr. Ramaprasad Pormavil & Mrs. Parvathi B. N
  • Age - 61 & 55 Years Young
  • Profession - Consultant & Housewife
  • Place - Bangalore

Hello all

It has been an exhilarating journey with FFD, and today, we stand here eager to share our extraordinary couple's story with all of you.

I'm Parvathi B. N (wife) a housewife from Bangalore.

My diabetes story

A random checkup in 2011 disclosed I had diabetes. Blood pressure came in unannounced in 2016 which was followed by a high cholesterol problem in 2019.

I realized weight gain had become an ever-growing adversary entwined with each passing day - threatening to overshadow even the most valiant efforts made towards reclaiming control over my own health journey.

I'm Ramaprasad Pormavil (husband) a consultant who never retires.

My diabetes story

Around 22 years ago, my life took an unexpected turn when I noticed a peculiar change in my body.

Out of the blue, I began experiencing rapid weight loss – a phenomenon that bewildered me. Perplexed and concerned about these inexplicable changes, I decided to seek medical advice.

My doctor wasted no time and requested a battery of tests to unravel the enigma that plagued me. The results were astounding; they revealed that I had fallen prey to none other than diabetes.

Although there is a strong maternal history of this disorder, I never thought it would happen to me and that too so early.

I took diabetes with a stride, determined to conquer it head-on and prove that it wouldn't define me. For some time, I was able to manage this formidable condition without medication, relying on diet and discipline. But let's be honest, life in the fast-paced world of real estate is nothing short of exhilarating - I finally began taking medicines.

I also suffered from migraines to the extent that they used to be serious bouts disturbing everything.

How did FFD happen?

Our daughter's mother-in-law Mrs. Champa Kulkarni was the one who informed, inspired, and supported us in this FFD journey.

What made us (both of us) join FFD?

Parvathi B. N - Excess weight, diabetes, BP, and back pain were my major concerns.

Ramaprasad - I never liked being on medicines.  I was majorly worried due to migraines which used to make my life difficult sometimes even 360 days a year.

With FFD, we saw hope. The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mr. Ramaprasad Pormavil & Mrs. Parvathi B. N

Our Reversal Story

Parvathi B. N

It's absolutely mind-blowing how quickly my diabetes medicines ceased after joining FFD program.

Within just one week to 10 days, I found myself liberated from the shackles of those pills that had dictated my life for so long.

However, our trip to the United States did pose a slight setback in terms of managing my condition. But fear not, upon returning to India, I once again regained control over my health and bid farewell to those medications.

Not only did I achieve freedom from medication but also witnessed incredible weight loss results.

My once worrisome weight plummeted from a staggering 66.5 kilogram to an astonishingly healthy 53 kilogram! As if that weren't enough reason for celebration, even my HbA1c levels saw significant improvement – dropping from a concerning 8.2 all the way down to an impressive 6.6!

While this journey has been arduous at times, one thing is certain: none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support and love bestowed upon me by none other than my incredible husband.


The 4 FFD protocols are truly remarkable; they have completely transformed my life.

It all began by embracing a vegan lifestyle, a decision that has had an extraordinary impact on my health. From the very first day, I noticed remarkable improvements in my well-being.

My diabetes medications were dramatically reduced, and I could feel my body rejuvenating itself from within. My HbA1c improved from 8.2 to 6.8. 

The most incredible aspect of this journey is that I am now 90-95% free from debilitating migraines - something I never thought possible! But it doesn't end there; through these protocols, I have also managed to shed an astounding 15 kilograms of weight.

This achievement has not only boosted my confidence but also prompted me to embark on a complete wardrobe makeover – bidding farewell to oversized clothes and embracing newfound style and elegance.

My cholesterol medicines have also stopped which proves that FFD protocol is powerful enough to reverse co-morbidities too.

Of course, none of this would have been achievable without the unwavering support of my loving wife. Her constant encouragement and dedication have been instrumental in making these positive changes in our lives possible.

Trekking, gymming, and yoga are our favorite forms of exercise.

FFD has provided us with valuable lessons on nutrition, physical activity, and emotional well-being, for which we will forever be thankful.

Key quote

We are incredibly pleased with our experience and both of us desire to maintain our connection with FFD.

Key takeaways

Parvathi B. N.-

  • Medicine stopped
  • Weight loss of 13.5 kg


  • Medicine reduced
  • Weight loss 15 kg
  • Migraine resolved