Seema Zokarkar: Only FFD could move by stubborn weight.

  • Name- DrSeema Singh Zokarkar
  • Age- 55 years
  • Profession- Business Consultant & Academician
  • Place - Pune

I would say that I truly believe that you start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible!  I could lose stubborn weight and do 108 Surya namaskars both of which I thought were impossible in my case... only after coming to FFD.

I am Dr. Seema Singh Zokarkar, Business Consultant & Academician from Pune.  I am 55 years old. In 2016, I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and since then I have been struggling to shed extra weight by trying diet control and physical exercises but nothing was helping. 

I kind of gave up on losing weight.  In 2020, my blood report shook me by showing HbA1 of  5.7…I had entered the pre-diabetic stage!  I rushed to my endocrinologist and his response was very discouraging. I then remembered Dr. Pramod Tripathi as many people in my network who had tremendously benefitted in controlling/reversing diabetes by joining FFD.  One of them had the condition for the past 16 years.

I attended Dr. Pramod Tripathi's Discover Reversal Session.   It was very informative which made me aware of important aspects related to health that every person should know in order to prevent diabetes, hypothyroid, heart-related issues, high BP, acidity, etc.

While listening to Dr. Tripathi,  I observed transparency, genuineness, a lot of effort in research, and above all a pure intention to help. Needless to say, it was quite an eye-opener and I jumped in to join the weight-loss program offered by FFD.

There was a lot of excitement as well as anxiety as I started with the first phase. My dietician Suchetana and exercise expert Sayali were quite supportive and listened to my concerns attentively. There was a consultation arranged with the physician too.

Though everything was perfect, I was unable to understand the cause of my anxiety and, therefore, FFD arranged a consultation with Dr. Ritu Tripathi who helped me understand the issue and gave a few good solutions to practice. While relieved, I laughed at myself. 

By now, the success of weight loss looked real to me. As we entered the second phase, the excitement rose with the eagerness to try the schedule and diet plan too. It’s fun testing your own limits and breaking the mental barriers. The group energy from the batch too was highly contagious. I could successfully do intermittent fasting and juice feasting. The results were amazing, Something that I would like to try in the future will be water fasting. 

DrSeema Singh Zokarkar

I had lost almost 14 kg by then and lost 5 points with respect to BMI. This has been an ideal weight for me, something which I had believed was impossible was a reality by now. The subsequent phases were Inner Transformation and Athletic specialization.  I was pleasantly surprised at the efforts taken by Dr. Tripathi for the inner transformation.

I never knew that there were so many types of meditations and processes for self-help and becoming self-aware. It is also a treasure I earned.  At this stage, I also took a consultation with Ayurveda expert Dr. Mandar Bedekar. It was quite helpful in understanding what my body type requires and doesn't require.

For Athletic Transformation and for Phase-4 we had very knowledgeable sessions with Dr. Malhar Ganla, on Art & Science of Identity. I patted my back for becoming eligible for Phase-4.  This session helped us in exploring the various forms of exercises for strength, stamina, and flexibility.

This brought a lot of clarity on what should be done and how. I prepared a schedule for myself. Since it was the first time that I was doing weight training for strength, I got my schedule and my exercises validated by Fitness Coach Eeshan.

I am grateful to him for so patiently going through some 20 plus videos of mine and then giving feedback on each one of them for corrections and suggesting different exercises which are more relevant to me. Also, the highly contagious energy of my FFD DB 10 Legends group inspires and motivates me to push my limits in the process of realizing my potential.

On 17th Oct 2021, for the first time, I did 108 Surya Namaskars. I was on cloud nine as even 6 years back I doubted my ability to do it. By the first week of April 2022, I have done 108 Surya Namaskars at least 24 times.  I am still exploring other viable interests and have been thoroughly enjoying trekking with my husband.

Since December I have trekked Pisoli Hills at least 7 times. The fun part is that every time we explored it we were excited about touching the higher hills.

This transformation was possible only because I followed a very scientifically designed program by FFD which had strong support and handholding from the various experts from FFD from dieticians, physicians, counselors, Ayurveda experts, and fitness experts. I will be missing out on sharing important information - a force that too has made this journey possible, fellow FFDians.

I will always remain indebted to FFD for sharing the Health Wisdom.

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