Sunil Masta: An Unbelievable 35 kg weight loss story

Lost incredible amounts of weight, got younger

  • Name-  Mr. Sunil Masta
  • Age-  56 Years Young
  • Profession- Private Job
  • Place - Faridabad, Haryana

I, Sunil Masta, 56 years young from Faridabad, Haryana.

Professionally, I have a commerce background and work for a private company.

What inspired me to join FFD?

I wanted to lose weight and reverse my diabetes to avoid complications in the future.

My diabetes story

I suffered from COVID in 2020. As a part of the regular checks, I noticed that fasting sugars were high. This led me to do additional tests which confirmed my Diabetes status. 

Mr. Sunil Masta

My weight gain story

Putting on weight was a steady process.

At one point it reached a high of 112.5 kg. Things were getting difficult day by day. I tried all the ways possible to reduce weight but did not succeed.

I followed many things which people recommended/suggested to me to reduce weight but could not reduce even 1 kg. Tried herbal products too but they did not help much. 

I attended many weight loss sessions but didn’t subscribe to any as they are into selling products. I just don’t believe in the contents of the product they sell.  In short, I tried on my own but did not join anywhere to reduce weight.

How did FFD happen?

I became aware about FFD through a TV advertisement and YouTube videos. I got convinced that Diabetes and being overweight were going to be solved at FFD. So I joined the holistic transformational program in batch 74

My weight loss journey with FFD

My weight loss has been unbelievable. Right from the first week, I could sense great things happening on this front.

The loss in weight was so drastic that I stopped following the FFD pattern for 10 to 15 days to check whether it is due to FFD protocol or not. I stopped losing weight which made me believe that it was because of the FFD protocol that I was losing weight.

I lost 35 kg which I honestly never dreamt of. Now I am 78.5 kg

Sugars too are absolutely fine.



Feeling very good now. Very active. My children of ages 24 and 28 say they have never seen me so smart before! I look as young as I was during my wedding time.

Thank you Dr. Pramod Tripathi for designing such a wonderful program.


Key takeaways

  • Incredible 35 kg weight loss
  • Diabetes reversal done 
  • Looking younger feeling fitter!


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