The Anti-Diabetic, Health Boosting Power of Cluster Beans/Gavar/Guar

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1. Anti-Diabetes properties of Cluster Beans/Gavar

1.1 Regulates Blood Sugar Level

   1.2 Maintains Heart Health

   1.3 Strengthens Bones

   1.4 Lowers BP and Improves Blood Circulation 

   1.5 Improves Digestion

   1.6 Builds Overall Health and Immunity 

Diabetes, which afflicts over a billion people worldwide is a growing problem and a multi-billion dollar industry in pharmaceutical value. The medical cost of dealing with this deadly disease is high and it rises as the disease progresses—is it inevitably will, if the only recourse is an allopathic drug approach. Drugs have another disadvantage; they are designed to treat the symptom of diabetes, i.e. high blood sugar, rather than the underlying cause of diabetes, which is insulin resistance.

For these reasons, a growing number of patients are turning to natural treatments; and, since diabetes is basically brought on by unhealthy diets, it just makes good sense that cleaning up one’s diet should reverse the problem. And, despite what the mainstream medical community continues to insist—and in the face of substantial evidence to the contrary—that it is irreversible.

Called Gawar in Marathi or Guar in Hindi, Cluster Beans contain just 15 Kcal per 100 grams and are a powerhouse of nutrition, abundant in protein, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber.

Anti-Diabetes properties of Cluster Beans/Gavar

Health benefit of Cluster Beans/Gavar/Guar 

1. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Cluster beans/Gavar are low in carbohydrates—in fact, they have the least carbohydrate content of all greens, and the highest water-soluble dietary fibre among all vegetables. These factors make it an ideal anti-diabetes food, as they slow down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, helping the body maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Cluster beans are a type of legume, and like all legumes, they contain protein, which is good for building/maintaining muscle mass. This in turn helps burn more calories—i.e. glucose—further improving blood sugar levels.

2. Maintains Heart Health

The dietary fiber in cluster beans is beneficial in decreasing the amount of blood cholesterol, and the potassium and foliate they contain keep the heart-healthy.

3. Strengthens Bones

Cluster Beans contain phosphorous and calcium, which fortify and enhance bone health.

4. Lowers BP and Improves Blood Circulation

High iron content in Cluster Beans helps increase hemoglobin in the RBCs, enhance oxygen content of blood, and improve blood circulation. Cluster beans have hypolipidemic (the effect of reducing lipid levels in the blood)

Qualities, which help in controlling normalizing cholesterol levels, guarding against heart damage, and lowering blood pressure.

5. Improves Digestion

Cluster beans contain nutrients and a  high content of soluble fibre which produces a laxative effect and improves functioning of the digestive tract. It effectively stimulates bowel movement, neutralizes toxins, and gives relief from constipation;

Regular consumption of cluster beans can reduce the risk of disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis (inflammation of the large intensine usually caused by harmful bacteria), and Crohn’s disease (and Inflammatory Bowel Disease typified by abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, and malnutrition).

6. Builds Overall Health and Immunity 

Cluster Beans contain a rich and diverse variety of nutrients, including Protein, Soluble Fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folates, Phosphorous, Calcium, Iron, Potassium. They are very high in soluble fibre, and contain absolutely no cholesterol or fats, making them a superb food for overall improvement of the body.


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At Freedom from Diabetes (FFD), we have seen near miraculous reversals, brought on via our protocols of diet, exercise, stress release, and medical support. As mentioned earlier, diet is one of the most effective in managing and even reversing diabetes. Of chief importance are greens, as they are high in fiber and contain little to no carbohydrates at all. Cluster beans rank high in this list. 




The content provided here is generic and intended to help readers bring their BSL under control and improve overall health. It does not intent to supplant formal medical advice. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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