Top benefits of Jackfruits Seeds in Diabetes Control

Health Benefits of Jackfruit seeds:


Fruits are of several different kinds.  Jackfruit is one such unique kind of fruit that is very popular.  Its skin is green in color with yellow flesh and whitish-yellow seeds.  Though the flesh of the jackfruit is mildly sweet and very tasty, it affects blood sugar levels and so people with diabetes are generally instructed to avoid it.

The uniqueness of jackfruit lies in its seeds.

Can diabetes eat jackfruit seeds?

The answer is YES.

Did you know that Jackfruit seeds are edible? The answer few know it and few do not.

Interestingly, once cooked, jackfruit is similar to chestnuts in texture and flavor. 

People often ask 'can you eat jackfruit seed raw?'  

It is not recommended to have Jackfruit seeds raw, Then how To Eat Jackfruit Seeds? 

These can be eaten roasted, boiled, or converted into flour, but it is best to eat peeled boiled seeds.


JACKFRUIT seeds Nutrition:- 


One serving 28 gm of jackfruit seeds contains:





11 grams


2 grams


0 grams


0.5 grams


8% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)


7% of RDI


5% of RDI


4% of RDI


Jackfruit seeds benefits:

  • Jackfruit seeds may have antibacterial effects and prevent foodborne illness.

  • It contains high levels of starch, protein, vitamins (riboflavin, thiamine), minerals, and antioxidants.

  • It May help in fighting inflammation, boosting the immune system, and even repair DNA damage

  • They are a good source of antioxidants, specifically phenolics, saponins, and flavonoids.

  • Jackfruit seeds may have several anticancer properties which are mainly impressive levels of plant compounds and antioxidants.

  • Jackfruit seeds contain both soluble and insoluble fiber hence help indigestion.


Is jackfruit seed good for diabetics?

Yes.  The qualities in jackfruit seeds like their role in reducing inflammation, richness in antioxidants, and the existence of soluble fiber all are helpful in diabetes.

Precaution to be taken:

1) They may hinder nutrient absorption if eaten raw.

2) Those on blood thinner should avoid as it has the ability to slow blood clotting.

Special Instruction for diabetics - 

The jackfruit seeds should be consumed in the later stages of reversal when your sugars are in much control and not in the beginning.

Seeds, in general, are a great source of power-packed nutrition and one must include them in a regular diet. It is always good to consume 3-4 types of seeds amongst which jackfruit seeds also should be included.


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