Vikram Nair: Bye Bye Diabetes, cholesterol, BP & excess weight

  • Name- Mr. Vikram Nair 
  • Age- 42 years
  • Profession- Country Head - Nutrition Company
  • Place - Thailand

Every diabetic is different with specific requirements.  One needs to study and figure out the problem areas and then treat him/her accordingly.  Looking at my progress, I can definitely say FFD is truly the one and only "Diabetes Reversal Specialist" at present.

I am Vikram Nair, 42 years young, Country Head for the Indochina region for a Nutrition Company, Singapore. There is no need to explain that working as a country head is a big responsibility. 

This job profile had changed my lifestyle including food habits and other things too.  Plus there is a history of diabetes on my maternal side.  So I had enough reasons to contract diabetes!

In 2010, around 12 years ago. I had developed a persistent cough for which I had to take ayurvedic syrups.  I took it for a prolonged period of 3 months. 

They were very high on sugar and resulted in me suffering from excess urination and thirst. So I got myself tested only to know it was diabetes.  This was definitely bad news as I was just 30 years old then.  And even though there is a family history, 30 was not the age to suffer from it.

With medication, my blood sugar was always under control.  However, the medications were quite a lot. In the last couple of years, I also developed high blood pressure, and my cholesterol and triglycerides levels also increased.

My medicines before joining FFD were like this -

Morning -

  • Dapanorm (10 mg) -1
  • Azneten M Forte -1
  • Rozution F -1 (Alternate Days)


  • Dayclazide MP40 -1
  • Cilinipine 10 - 1

 Mr.Vikram Nair 

I came to know about FFD from a friend in India.  He had joined the FFD program in 2021 and was off medications, so he recommended it to me.  The whole concept of diabetes reversal sounded interesting to me and I decided to give it a try.

I enrolled myself for HTP batch 76 and my journey to good health began. I joined the program on 11th Nov 2021. In the first 12 days, my diabetes medications completely stopped.  I was free of 12 years of agony now.

In the first month, I did not lose much weight, around 4 Kg to be precise. However when I got introduced to fasting that is when I started losing more weight.  It was at this point, that I strikingly realized that FFD has deeper knowledge. 

The second month was the most effective month for losing weight where I lost another 7 Kg.  I also did a water fasting for 84 hours at a stretch to start the New Year. I weighed 80 kg when I joined with a BMI of 28.33, currently, I weigh 67 Kg with a BMI of 23.8. 

The best part is my waist size was reduced from 34 inches to 30 inches and T-shirt size was reduced from XL to L and I got a chance to get a complete wardrobe change.  I have been getting nonstop compliments from everyone around me for the past 2 months.

My cholesterol and BP medications have also stopped for the last 1 month.  The satisfaction of not having to take a single pill is something else.

Have been following all the protocols completely and am currently enjoying the phase of increasing my muscle mass by going to the gym and doing weights regularly. Have identified my athletic identity as a gym person and weight lover.

Thank you, FFD, for everything!

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