World Diabetes Day 2021


World Diabetes Day. What is the significance?


Consider these facts:

  • Every 5 seconds 1 person contracts diabetes. And every 10 seconds 1 person dies of it. (src: UN.Org)
  • Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney disease, cardiac stroke, lower limb amputation
  • More than half the people with diabetes only find out after it’s already in an advanced stage.

Fighting Diabetes with Awareness

Diabetes awareness day

The only thing more depressing than falling victim to diabetes is the knowledge that it can be avoided. And that’s one of the main reasons we have a day dedicated to diabetes.

Across the world, around half a billion adults are suffering from diabetes… in contrast, barely 108 million had it in 1980. This exponential increase corresponds to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle we lead today.

This, coupled with the lack of nutrition in modern urban diets, has resulted in a global epidemic of obesity. The incidence of diabetes is directly linked to these factors. 

A wake-up call is urgently needed, and occasions like World Diabetes Day provide a rallying point.

This is why, the UN General Assembly, in 2007, adopted Resolution 61/225 by which November 14 was designated as World Diabetes Day.

Among other things, the resolution recognized the need to propagate multi-lateral efforts to provide healthcare education and access to treatments that improved care. It also exhorted its member states to develop policies to prevent and provide care for diabetics.


The Importance of World Diabetes Day


Importance of world diabetes day

Dedicating dates to specific problems as World Diabetes Day does, is a great way to raise awareness, educate people, and mobilize resources to resolve problems. It is a powerful advocacy tool to tackle ignorance.

And let’s face it, ignorance is one of the biggest risk factors associated with diabetes. Yes, even bigger than junk-food diets. Because. let’s face it if people were aware of the risks and the dangers that diabetes poses, they would automatically get their act together and lives in order.

After all, who want to live with the fear of blindness or kidney disease hanging over their head? There is also a lot of ignorance about diabetes treatment too. Conventional medical treatment relied (and still relies on) heavily on drugs and synthetic insulin.

But these only address the symptoms of diabetes, i.e. high blood sugar. And that too, ineffectively, hence the rising dosages. There is little doubt that prevention is better than cure, here.

Simple lifestyle changes, such as adopting healthy eating habits, exercising properly and regularly, and help prevent diabetes. World Diabetes Day provides an occasion to propagate this message and help those at risk.

So, this November 14th, mark this important day, by getting yourself and your family members checked—at least those above 45 years of age. You could be saving a life.


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