How I stopped the medicine and became a mentor at FFD

  • Name- Dr.Pramila Sanjaya
  • Age- 57 Years
  • Profession- Country Director, Fleet Forum
  • Place - Jaipur, India

It is rightly said - Health is wealth.  Just being at a senior position professionally, earning good money, having a family but no time for it, and most importantly no time for self can never give you good health.  Coming to FFD - reconfirmed all this.

Talking about myself - I have been in health and nutrition programs for more than two decades with the Women and Child Development Department, UNICEF Nodal Office and State Director at CARE, etc. 

Then I resigned and started working with the community as well as policy planning and interventional level through NGO/bilateral, and international organizations. 

All this brought a lot of work and engagement in terms of time and energy and brought stress too along with the work. In reality, I was not following something that I myself was preaching and continued neglecting my own health.

Being a working woman in a Senior Position was a lot demanding.  My lifestyle had become pretty sedentary.  My job demanded long working hours and I had no time to spend with family and children. 

Family history-wise, I have a very strong history of diabetes on my maternal side with my masi and mama having it.

All these factors, work stress, family history, lead me to have diabetes.

At work, I started feeling very tired and irritable too at times.

Medicines kept on adding.  It went to such as level that I was having a handful of pills. Last year, when I went to the doctor for a medical checkup, he strategically explained to me how insulin injectables would be a must now and there are no disadvantages at all. I understood what his intention was. This actually shook me terribly.

Before coming to FFD, it was observed that I was putting on weight in spite of doing yoga exercises, etc. Doctors advised eating at frequent intervals... Going up and down my house which is of 2 floors had become a big task for me.  Climbing just a few steps would also make me breathless.

Last year in August, my husband met with an accident.  He underwent surgery and was required to be taken care of after that.  I used to take his care and work side by side on his bed.  Sometimes we also used to watch movies on Netflix etc and youtube too. 

While doing so, we came across a Youtube video of Dr. Pramod Tripathi on Myths about diabetes.  We were amazed by it and watched it again. Later, we did intensive research on FFD.

Diabetes Reversal Success storyDr. Pramila Sanjaya

When we discussed it amongst our fraternity of people, I came to know the fact that all the allopathy doctors including my husband were not convinced about this way of treatment.

Next, we saw around 40-50 videos on FFD's YouTube channel.  One day, I called up at FFD and requested numbers of at least 2-3 people who have reversed their diabetes successfully, which we got and spoke to them with lots of cross-questions to our satisfaction. 

Attended Discover Reversal Session in the last week of November 2020. I must appreciate Dr. Pramod sir for convincingly answering all our questions before the end of the session. When I spoke to my children in Australia, they were happy too. They always say, "we want healthy parents, Mumma take care and go for it."

I was a bit hesitant but my husband was totally positive about it. He once again inspired me and we also discussed the side effects of medication on other organs like kidneys, eyes, etc. I registered quickly and started the course .

It has been wonderful to be a part of FFD.  I got the right kind of boost that sailed me.  Within a few months, I lost considerable weight from 78 kg to 68 kg. 

My diabetes medicines stopped.  My sugars used to be 200+some times even touching 300, I never saw them in the 100s and 2 digits were the remotest dream.  Now, my sugars are in the normal range.

The other day, I was in Jodhpur and we were to go to Rooftop Restaurant.  My sister who remembered my earlier status thought I may not be able to do it.  To her surprise, many people climbing up took breaks and even got breathless and I could go up 6 stories without being breathless.  All the credit goes to FFD.

I am getting good comments from my friends and family.  My wardrobe has almost changed. I feel very energetic and can work continuously without any breaks. Though I don't forget to do my chair Surya namaskar, NOD, take my smoothie, soaked nuts, and everything as per the plan.

 I am convinced to the core of my heart that FFD  is the best thing that happened to me.  The moment  I came to know that I am eligible to become an FFD mentor, I felt "On Top Of The World'.

As a mentor, I am sharing my beautiful experiences and encouraging others to achieve their health goals and live life to the full.

All thanks to FFD.

 Diabetes Reversal Success story

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