Is Kiwi really Good for Diabetes?


Kiwi - The diabetes-friendly fruit


New Zealanders are commonly referred to as Kiwis. They are named after a flightless bird "Kiwi", But we all know there is a fruit named "Kiwi" as well, and what a fruit it is!

The Kiwifruit is commonly known in the short form of kiwi in North America. It is also known as Chinese gooseberry.
This fruit is oval in shape about a size of an egg with edible light brown skin and golden or light green flesh with tiny black seeds.

This fruit is nutritious, soft textured, and has a sweet-tart taste.
Kiwifruit is grown in diverse places as New Zealand, Chile, Greece, Italy, California, and France. Japan, South Korea, and China do grow them commercially.


How many Calories does a Kiwi contain?

100 g of Kiwi provides 61 calories.

What is the Nutritional Value of a Kiwi?

100 g contains:

Total Fat                            0.5g
Saturated Fat                    0 g
Trans Fat                           0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat     0.3 g
Monounsaturated Fat   0.1 g
Cholesterol                   0 mg
Sodium                           3 mg
Potassium                    312 mg
Total Carbohydrates    15 g
Dietary Fiber                 3 g
Sugars                            9 g
Protein                         1.1 g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Kiwi skin - Interesting facts and benefits -

Kiwi skin has plenty of folates, fiber, and vitamin E which increases the nutrient percentage.
Most of the antioxidants are present in Kiwi skin which helps in fighting free-radical damage in the body.

Kiwi Health benefits

1. Help in Digestion:

Kiwi fruit has plenty of fiber in it which helps a lot in digestion. They are also found to have actinidin is a proteolytic enzyme that helps in breaking down protein thus aiding indigestion.

2. Boost the immune system

Vitamin C plays a big part when boosting immunity topic comes up. Kiwis are not only nutrient-dense but full of vitamin C and suffices a good deal of daily vitamin C requirement.

3. Helps by reducing risks of other health conditions

It is known that oxidative stress can lead to DNA damage and in turn lead to health problems.
The antioxidants present in kiwi do reduce the likelihood of oxidative stress and hazards caused due to it.

4. Can help manage blood pressure

Kiwi fruits also help in managing blood pressure. The bioactive present in kiwi does this job. In the long term, we can also say that kiwis can lower the chances of high blood pressure, strokes,
or heart attacks.

5. Protects against vision loss

Zeaxanthin and lutein present in Kiwis are reported to help protect your eyes from Macular degeneration.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties

The proteins like Kiwellin and kisser present in Kiwi fruit are shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Side Effects of Kiwi Fruit are:

1. Allergy - Though eating kiwi fruit is safe for most people, more few it may lead to allergy. If you are allergic to poppy seeds, figs, hazelnuts,  latex, or avocados you are being allergic to kiwi
also increases.

2. Kidney problems

Kiwi has a lot of potassium in them. So people with kidney issues should avoid kiwi fruit.

3. Blood thinners- Kiwi contains a good amount of vitamin K and this can interfere with the action of blood thinners. Hence, people on blood thinners should avoid kiwi.


Kiwi and diabetes -


Kiwi fruit to summarize helps in digestion, boosts the immune system, helps manage blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory effects - all diabetes-friendly benefits.

Diabetics can consume Kiwi effectively in a smoothie or in salads also.

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