Apr 23: Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

April is an important month for health-related awareness campaigns and observances. World Health Day observed on 7th April each year was celebrated at FFD too.  We used the chance to spread the word about reversing diabetes and regaining health.

We also run a one-year program that assists people in reversing diabetes and obesity along with co-morbidities. It was wonderful to see so many people stop taking medications and/or insulin, lose weight, reverse cholesterol, etc. in April.

Here are the top 10 participants who overcame obstacles to produce extraordinary outcomes:

1. Shreyash Patel

Mr. Shreyash Patel  | Age- 41 Years | New Jersey, U.S.A | Software Business

He is a software engineer from New Jersey who is 41 years old. In 2016, he discovered that he had diabetes, and he began taking medication. joined FFD after learning about it from a friend and hasn't looked back since. He no longer takes his medications, is 12 kg lighter, incredibly energetic, and in excellent physical condition.


Check out his remarkable tale here

2. Lata Krishnamurti

Mrs. Lata Krishnamurti  | Age- 66 Years | New Delhi | Lawyer

She is a 66-year-old supreme court attorney who discovered she has diabetes by accident. She suffered from hypertension as well. She learned about FFD from her sister, which she joined because she disliked taking medications. After reducing her medication, she is feeling much better and is gushing about FFD's exceptional care.

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3. Swagatika Purohit

Mrs. Swagatika Purohit  | Age- 33 Years | Bhubaneswar, Odisha | Housewife

She is a 33-year-old housewife from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, who discovered she had diabetes while pregnant. After hearing about FFD from a relative, she decided to join, and her life has since changed.  Her medications and insulin both stopped and she is in a good condition to start planning her pregnancy.

Read her entire account to learn about her remarkable diabetes reversal

4. Srilatha Ranganathan

Mrs. Srilatha Agaram  | Age- 48 Years | Pune | 3D Animator

She is a 48-year-old Pune-based 3D animator who just learned that she has diabetes. She joined the FFD program because she wanted to reverse her diabetes after witnessing her mother-in-law's struggles. She is currently delighted to be medication-free and 28 kg lighter.

Read about her remarkable weight loss and diabetes reversal here.

5. Jalaja Ahuja

Mrs. Jalaja Ahuja  | Age- 64 Years | Thane, Maharashtra | Private Coaching

She is a 64-year-old who enjoys private coaching. Along with strong family history of diabetes she also has chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Her case is special as she has reversed her hereditary diabete. She is now medication-free, 10 kg lighter, and in a fantastic HbA1c range.

Read her entire account here

6. Santosh Prabhakaran Vellody

Mr. Santosh Vellody  | Age- 55 Years | Goa | Central Govt. Employee

He works for the central government and is 55 years old. A routine medical examination revealed he had diabetes. In order to avoid suffering like his father, he joined FFD. He no longer takes medication, has lost 7 kg of weight, and his HbA1c has significantly improved thanks to FFD.

Read the rest of his uplifting tale here

7. Jayanta Panda

Mr. Jayanta Panda  | Age- 51 Years | Chennai | Engineering Head

He is a 51-year-old Chennai-based engineering manager who was diagnosed with diabetes in 2019. He was forced to look for solutions due to his post-covid haywire going parameters. He came across FFD while browsing the internet and joined it to stop taking medications and get healthy again. He is overjoyed to have accomplished his objectives with FFD.

Please read about his journey from diabetes to physical fitness here

8. Pradeep Moses

Mr. Pradeep Moses  | Age- 59 Years | Gurgaon, Haryana | NGO Owner

He is a 59-year-old NGO owner who discovered he had diabetes after developing COVID. He has a family history, but he never considered it and wanted to change it.  He joined FFD after learning about it from his sister, and it has completely altered his way of life.

Read about his exceptional diabetes reversal journey here

9. Vijay Kumar Tiwari

Mr. Vijay Kumar Tiwari  | Age- 39 Years | Pune, Maharashtra | IT Professional

He is a 39-year-old IT professional from Pune who discovered he had diabetes after going through a trying time following the death of his mother. He weighed 117 kg, which was on the heavier side and had its own effects. He took a proactive step by joining FFD, and the results came quickly. On the third day of the program, he stopped taking medication and went on to lose a healthy 22 kg.

Read about his remarkable transformation here

10. Kumar

Mr. Kumar  | Age- 58 Years | Gandhinagar | Corporate Employee

He is 58 years old corporate employee from Gandhinagar. He has had diabetes since 2011.  His sugar levels were affected negatively during the COVID period, and his elevated HbA1c of 11.3 raised serious concerns. By that time, he had also gained a lot of weight. He entered FFD with three major issues: thyroid, excess weight, and diabetes.

After coming to FFD, he not only reversed his diabetes but also his co-morbidities, such as thyroid and blood pressure. He is now a contented man. He also lost 20 kg, so the story is not over yet.

Read about his entire transformation here

The 10 examples listed above are merely the tip of the iceberg. The FFD program has assisted thousands of people in reversing their diabetes, altering their lifestyle, reversing co-morbidities, and regaining their fitness to the point where they are now excellent marathon runners, cyclists, and many other sports people.

Join FFD's type 2 diabetes reversal programme HTP if you have diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, or thyroid issues.

Enroll right away to get started.







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