Mrs. Rama Devi: Got athletic Identity-Cyclist at FFD

Amazing Transformation Story of a Homemaker

  • Name- Mrs. Rama Devi 
  • Age- 51 years
  • Profession- Homemaker
  • Place - Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu, India

FFD is my family now.  I will miss a member of my family who has been a part of my life for the past year. I am Mrs. Rama Devi, a Homemaker from Tamil Nadu.

I never had any weight issues, my weight never went beyond 52 kg.  I used to consider myself lucky in that context. But there are certain things which you cannot control. 

At the age of 50, I began experiencing menopausal symptoms and gradually started putting on weight in 2015.  By October 2020, I was weighing my highest 60 kg.

Was having knee pain since I was in my early forties and reached a stage where my energy was poor and I had lost interest in doing anything.

I saw a video of Dr. Hegde on Whatsapp praising Dr. Pramod Tripathi's work in curing diabetes and other diseases. So, I went online and looked up information about FFD. 

FFD's Diabetes Reversal program sounded sensible and decided to join for weight loss. I was quite eager to participate in the program.

For the past 15 years, I have been aware of eating nutritious foods and have used cold-pressed oil, pink salt, palm jaggery, and millets.  I also tried a variety of diets, but they all resulted in headaches or overeating. Now I can tell, FFD's diet plan is Superb!

FFD's Holistic Transformation Program has been incredibly engaging and educational from the first day of the program till now. Every day, I learned new diets and workout techniques.

Diabetes Reversal Success storyMrs. Rama Devi 

The diet, in particular, was a terrific combination with which I am still in love. The other diet consultants definitely lack in their understanding of smoothies, salads, nuts and grains, and pulses.

The first 4 months were MAGICAL. Doctor sessions and videos were not missed. I went through a lot of changes as a result of the Inner Transformation program. Setting goals was a fantastic experience.

I took on every task thrown at me, and to be honest, I only did some basic workouts, stretching, and a little walking. However, the athletic identity ushered in a new me.

Dr. Malhar's encouragement to get on a bicycle and lift weights was like a dream come true. After 35 years, I began riding. Initially, I did chair suryanamaskar, but then switched to conventional suryanamaskar.

I couldn't believe I was capable of accomplishing this. I started with a 1 kg weight and have progressed to 3 kg. My weight dropped to 51 kg, and now it is at 55 kg following strength training. I do not feel lethargic, on the contrary, I actually want to do more.

The recipes are fantastic. My batchmates were also really pleasant.

Every day, I begin my day with meditation, pranayama, warm-ups, and stretching, as well as 12 Surya namaskars. My 3:2:1 workout consists of strength training, cycling, and yoga.

I am grateful to FFD for creating a new Me. Diet experts, Exercise experts, and mentors - thank you for your wonderful help throughout the year.

When I was down, Whatsapp groups helped me to feel better by motivating and inspiring me. I will truly miss FFD (now a family member) who has been a part of my life for the past year. Every day of the year is a gift to me.

Diabetes Reversal Success story

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