Diabetes Management : Tips to Follow During Festive Season

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1. Diabetes and festivals

2. Celebrate Diwali in the FFD way

    2.1 Few special FFD tips include 

3. Navratri Fast in the FFD way

    3.1 What foods to eat during fasting? or to say during Navratri fast

4. Ramadan Fast in FFD way

5. FFD's recipes and tips for keeping Mahashivratri fast safely

    5.1 Few intermittent fasting tips

    5.2 Mahashivratri Fast recipes should include

6. What activities are good for diabetes?

7. About Freedom from Diabetes

Festivals are the good times, times of excitement which are celebrated with presents, decorations, delicious and rich food and much more! Festivals also include a lot of socializing with family and friends.

Staying away from the goodies might just get a little hard especially for people with diabetes.  In this, chances are they may be less cautious about their diet. This surely is a testing time for them.

Diabetes and festivals

Festival and diabetes

All this raises a question that runs through every diabetic's mind - Can diabetics go to festivals?  The answer to it would be Yes, yes of course, they can.  Only thing is that they need to be a little cautious which will help them celebrate without cutting on their enjoyment.

Celebrate Diwali in the FFD way

Celebrate Diwali in FFD Way

Diwali also named as 'Festival Of Light' is one of the major festivals celebrated in India  It always brings a feeling of joy, celebration, and togetherness among people. 

Statistics reveal that all those with pre-existing blood sugar levels are noted to show a 15 to 18 percent rise in sugars during the festive season. Managing health during festive times like Diwali becomes very hard for such people. 

Few special FFD tips include -

  • Avoid sweets prepared from normal sugar

  • Avoid refined products

  • Include more dry fruits and nuts

There is much more to it in detail.  Do read our blog on Diwali - 'Celebrate Diwali in the FFD way.  This will definitely help you celebrate a guilt-free Diwali.

Navratri Fast in the FFD way

Navratri Fast in FFD way

Another important festival covered by FFD is Navratri. The ceremonies during Navratri include colorful clothing, dancing, fasting, and rituals. Meditation fasting, prayers, and other spiritual practices performed during this period help bring about a deep rest.

FFD guides you about the types of fasting and how to approach long fasting during Navratri.

What foods to eat during fasting? or to say during Navratri fast-

  • Water with sabja or chia seeds

  • Cinnamon Tea or any Herbal Tea. 

  • Green or Black Tea 

To know in more detail about all Upwaas Items and how the fasting can be done, do go through our blog on 'Navratri Fast in the FFD way'.

Ramadan Fast in FFD way

Ramadan fast in FFD Way

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of prayer, fasting, and reflection. This fasting lasts 29 to 30 days from the sighting of one crescent moon to the next. 

FFD has covered special dietary guidelines for people on Ramadan fast which are worth noting.  They have also given a diet chart which will definitely help.  Not only this but the don'ts are also covered beautifully. 

Our article on 'Ramadan Fast in the FFD way' takes a close look at the various options and guidelines to be followed during this time.  Do go through it.

FFD's recipes and tips for keeping Mahashivratri fast safely-

Mahashivratri Fasting tips and recipes

Mahashivratri is another very important festival.  FFD has also covered one day fast of "Mahashivratri' beautifully. 

Few intermittent fasting tips-

  • Chia seeds or Sabja in water can be your biggest support while fasting 

  • Herbal tea or tea with cinnamon is great.

  • You can have tea like black tea or green tea during fast

Mahashivratri Fast recipes should include - 

  • Kuttu (buckwheat / Fafard)

  • Singhada (water chestnut)

  • Rajgira (amaranth)

What activities are good for diabetes?

Exercise during festival

People with diabetes should also see to it that they do not miss their exercise during festivals. 

They should try to exercise for minimum 30 minutes in a day.  This will help them remain active and energetic.


About Freedom from Diabetes

Freedom from Diabetes is an organization that has been tirelessly working towards "reversing diabetes' since its inception in 2013. It has been so successful that it is now also known as "Diabetes Reversal Specialist organization.' This success lies in their powerful protocols which stand high and tall in all festivals too.

Freedom from diabetes has specially designed its Intensive Reversal Program, which is for one full year, in such a way that it covers almost all the festivals. With this, the diabetics are guided about how and what to do in festival times so that it may not affect their health much.

With its powerful four protocols, it has successfully freed 10,000+ diabetics of their medicines and insulin.FFD has set guidelines for diabetic patients to be followed during festivals. By following these guidelines, it is seen that they improve their health during this time rather than deteriorating it.


To summarize -

The above articles by FFD on festival guidelines cover most of the major festivals. These give an appropriate idea of how and what to do during them. But the most important thing to remember is - 'Moderation is the key,  limit portions and choose wisely.'

Go ahead and Celebrate Festivals!

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