January 2022: Top 10 Diabetes Reversal and Health Transformation Stories

The year 2022 began on the right note.  New year celebrations did not distract our participants from their goal at all - the goal of 'Diabetes Reversal'.

Like last year, the month of January 2022 saw many becoming free from diabetes medicines, insulin, BP tablets, cholesterol tablets, and more.

All this success is due to our 4 proven Diabetes Reversal protocols

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Inner Transformation
  • Medical

Let us see who topped the list in January 2022.

Here are the Top 10 Diabetes Reversal Success Stories of January 2022


1. Akshay Sawant 

Mr. Akshay Sawant

Mr. Akshay Sawant | Age-51 years | London, U.K

A 51-year-old Project Manager from London, U.K. came to know about his diabetes in 2012.  He tried various things but nothing worked for long.  Came to know about FFD through Dr. Pramod Tripathi's video on fasting, got impressed, and joined FFD.  Rest is history.

Do read his story to know how FFD helped him reverse his diabetes and motivated him to become a Mentor. To Know More Click Here

2. Dr. Priti Taneja

Priti taneja

Dr. Priti Taneja | Age- 50 years | Delhi

She Is a 50 years young Lawyer and Ph. D in Physical education from Delhi.  She tried several ways to control sugar and lose weight but nothing worked for her.  She came to know about FFD through social media and joined it.

FFD not only reversed her diabetes successfully but it helped her lose 20 kg of excess weight.  She is in awe of FFD for moving her stubborn weight. Read her Diabetes Reversal success story to know about her interesting journey. To Know More Click Here

3. Ketan Damania

Ketan Damania

Mr. Ketan Damania | Age- 41 years | Antananarivo, Madagascar

A 41 years young Corporate Employee from Madagascar got to know he is diabetic in random check. Suffered from many problems along with diabetes.  Tried some herbal preparation to control sugars, but it did not work.  Joined FFD and a miracle happened. 

He became medicine-free in just 15 days and lost 20 kg of excess weight in just 5 months. He is very happy and satisfied now. Do read His Type 2 Diabetes Success Story. To Know More Click Here

4. Chiinmoy Dutta

Chiinmoy Dutta

Mr. Chiinmoy Dutta | Age- 56 years | Kolkata, West Bengal

His story is a classical diabetes reversal story.  He suffered from diabetes for 27 years before coming to FFD, tried going on a strict diet and exercise regimen but his sugars kept fluctuating. 

Came to about FFD through Dr. B. M. Hegde's video and this changed his life forever.  He not only reversed his diabetes but cleared the GTT test too.  He is now totally independent. Do not miss it, read his diabetes remission story. To Know More Click Here

5. Hitendra Badrakiya

Hitendra Badrakiya

Mr. Hitendra Badrakiya | Age51 years | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

He is 51 years young Assistant Vice President in IT staffing, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  He was diabetic for 13 years before coming to FFD.  He was taking 7 tablets - 1 for diabetes, 3 for BP, 1 for cholesterol, 1 blood thinner, and 1 for allergy. 

Joined FFD and became free of all the 7 tablets.  FFD treatment helped him reverse his co-morbidities like BP and cholesterol too. Read his story to know how he got rid of his co-morbidity. To Know More Click Here

6. Anantharaman Seshasayee

Anantharaman Seshasayee

Mr. Anantharaman Seshasayee | Age73 years | Coimbatore, India

He is a 73 years old Retired Assistant General Manager, SBI, from Coimbatore, India.  His fluctuating sugars affected his teeth, also his medicine kept changing.  He tried homeopathic treatment too, but it was of not much use.  He also faced cardiac issues.  Joined FFD and is now free of insulin, free of excess weight. Do read his Diabetes Reversal Success story. To Know More Click Here

Srikanth P.V.

Srikanth P V

Mr. Srikanth P V | Age-44 years | Hyderabad

He is a 44 years young Global HR Professional from Hyderabad. He suffered from diabetes and BP issues. He was also overweight due to the wrong lifestyle.  Got introduced to FFD through his uncle from the U.S., joined it and this decision of his turned out to be the best decision of his life.

He not only became free of diabetes medicines but also became free of BP medicines.  FFD helped him reverse his BP co-morbidity too. To Know More Click Here

8. Augusteen Kadmandla

Augusteen Kadmandla

Mr.Augusteen Kadmandla | Age- 40 years | Dublin, Ohio, U.S.

A 40 years young IT professional from Ohio, U.S.  He became aware of his diabetes at a very young age of 33 with a very high fasting level of 450.  His doctor in U.S. wanted to put him on insulin, but Mr Kadmandla refused.  He wanted a life without medicines.  Luckily he came to FFD and now he is not just free of medicines but has cleared his GTT too. Do not miss it, read it her diabetes remission story. To Know More Click Here

9. Mahesh Sriniwas Kulkarni

Mahesh Sriniwas Kulkarni

Mr.Mahesh Sriniwas Kulkarni | Age- 53 years | Pune

He Is a 53 years young Business owner from Pune.  He owns a software company based in Pune and Dallas, TX.  Got to know about his diabetes 9 years ago.  Despite having an active lifestyle his sugars were never in control.  He also suffered from high cholesterol problem. FFD helped him reverse his diabetes and now his HbA1c remains in normal limits of 5.7.  His 9 years of diabetes got reversed in just 1 week of being associated with FFD. Do Read his Success stories of beating diabetes. To Know More Click Here

10. Indudhar Kori

Indudhar Kori

 Mr.Indudhar Kori | Age- 58 years | Bangalore

He is a 58 years young Yoga teacher from Bangalore. Despite being active and flexible as he is into yoga, he came to know he is pre-diabetic.  Got to know about FFD through a YouTube video and enrolled himself in IRP batch 49.

He has not looked back since.  After coming to FFD, he reversed his pre-diabetes state and has cleared GTT twice, which is the best thing for him. Definitely read his type 2 diabetes personal stories. To Know More Click Here

The above 10 participants are just a few examples from many.  FFD has not only helped them reverse diabetes but also helped them become free from the co-morbidities like cholesterol, BP, excess weight.

At FFD, we teach you what is living truly healthy life, a life without medicines!

We understand the importance of personal attention and hence our team is expertise in giving customized treatment.  Do take advantage of it.  Join our IRP program and reverse your diabetes plus lifestyle disorders.

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Diabetes Reversal Success storyDiabetes Reversal Success storyDiabetes Reversal Success story